#TrendopeStories: Mugged [Must Read]

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I looked at my wristwatch again, I don’t know why. I had been standing at the junction for less than five minutes so why was I looking at my watch like someone that had been waiting for hours? Well to be honest, think it was because I loved my wristwatch. Only birthday gift I got this year and it was worth it. One of dividends from another failed ‘attempted’ relationship. i looked up the street, it was all dark now and considering that it was a mini estate, there was really not much to look except for the fine houses and scenery but I was not here for all that.

“Hey Mister man, I have been calling you from afar”. Came the voice I had been waiting to hear for a while now. And I was not disappointed, it sounded exactly the way I had imagined it would. I turned ninety degrees to look at the owner. Okay, now this was not what I expected. During one of our numerous chats, she had told me guys often said she looked like sex. To be honest, she did not look anything like sex. She was sex! She was tall with a slim physique but here is the catch. Her boobs were not on the big side, I don’t know what cups to call them. Funny how despite the kind of life I have lived, I have never gotten around to know how ladies measure their boobs. Don’t know if A cups are the large ones or D cups are the ones you could use as pillow. Probably because I have always been an ass man. Something must kill a man, they say. Better let it be a doggy fit ass. Here she did not have a huge ass either but it was crazy. She had a bumshort and black tshirt on(what was it and ladies these days) . Back to her ass talk, it was portable, round( and I could bet, soft too)crazy. And then her face, the way she smiled as she looked at me. There was just something that had all of my attention. Dick attention first and foremost. I knew it had been a bad idea to wear native attire today but it was late already. What would I do? I sighed as always.

“Sorry I did not hear you.” I quickly apologized.

“Obviously”. she smiled and I knew she was going to be bad for my health. Why had I come to see her again o? I quickly brainstormed. Yes! The mug, I was here for the mug she had ordered as a gift for me. We had been texting buddies for a few months now. No plans to see or hangout, me being the usual bad influence always kept my distance. I was a menace not just to myself but to the society at large this time, I knew that for a fact. No one had to tell me. Well so back to the mug, it was a nice game of thrones themed mug she had bought online and decided to give a few out. I was getting one of the ‘few’. I had thought severally about a way to get the mug without seeing her but could not come up with an appropriate lie. And so here I was with ‘sex’.

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