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#TrendopeStories: Lily, Blessing and the truth or dare game

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“Yes I’ve hit a sex drought” Blessing sighed

“Well, good thing we are going to a party” I laughed

Blessing’s crazy friend was celebrating her birthday and I am super excited about it, knowing Cynthia it promises to be a really fun-filled night.

“What?”  I snapped at blessing

“Your trouser is not flattering your ass” She said with a disapproving look.

She hopped off my bed and started to ransack my wardrobe, I took off my trouser and sat on the bed, she came back with her favorite bum short

“Now this I like” She said smiling

“How predictable” I rolled my eyes

I wore the bum short  and we headed out, we got to Cynthia’s house in 20 minutes, the party seemed to have started already, as soon as we got in Cynthia came out of nowhere and hugged us both her eyes looking dazed and her speech a bit incoherent, I tried and gave up to place what she was high on, with Cynthia it’s usually very hard to tell as it’s usually a whole bunch of high

“Eww you guys are sober” She blurted

She signaled and soon we both had drinks in our hands, we drank and got refills, her living room housed about 10 people she loves to keep her circle small, music was blasting with a couple of people dancing, others were either smoking shisha or passing around a blunt, there was a small table with cake and finger foods

“So the other day I hooked up with this guy that let me try his high and it was amazing” Cynthia started in a high pitch

“The trip was just too good I had to have it” she said with a smirk

“Tadaa!” She announced opening her palms to show us some pills

“Here you try it ” She handed me a pill

“Urrrm maybe not” I said feeling awkward

“Don’t be boring plus it’s my birthday ” She said with a frown.

I took the pill, took a deep breath and swallowed, it took a couple seconds before it hit, at first it felt like everything stopped and I couldn’t breath then I felt really light and giggly

“I think I can smell color” I said laughing

We danced, ate cake and some laced meat, the alcohol kept coming, after a couple hours everyone started to leave except for three guys and two girls

“Let’s play truth or dare” Cynthia said jumping up to grab a bottle, we all sat in a circle and took turns spinning the bottle,soon enough I was left wearing my pant and bra and learnt some juicy truths about everyone, one of the guys that have been stealing glances at me spun the bottle and it landed on me, I picked dare

“Come upstairs with me right now” He dared.

I smiled and stood up and we made our way upstairs, he opened a door that was the guest room, as soon as the door closed he pulled me into him and crushed my lips with his, he pushed his tongue in kissing me hard and fast.

I tried to match his pace, his hands went down quickly and pulled out my boobs from the bra cup, squeezing my nipples hard till I gasped into his mouth.

It felt good and painful as he pinched my nipples, I reached around and unhooked my bra, I took it off and threw it on the ground, he leaned down and covered my boobs with his mouth sucking before he bite the nipples forcing a cry out of me, we moved to the bed and he took off his clothes, he pulled down my panty and rubbed my pussy feeling my wetness

“Oh, you’re ready” he grunted out

He stroked his dick before pulling me to the edge of the bed, he guided his dick into my waiting pussy, he stopped and kissed me before he started to move really fast, I snaked my legs around his waist giving him more access, he kept pounding not slowing down, his dick was hitting the right spot and I felt myself begin to tingle.

I started to move to match him when he stopped, I looked down and he was stroking his dick which was now flaccid, he kept stroking and I sat sat up to help, I took his dick in my mouth and sucked but got nothing

“Sorry I think I did too much coke” He finally said

I stood up and went to the bathroom I guess I would just have to get myself off.

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