#TrendopeStories: Cheated on (Must Read)

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The silence was deafening enough but she really did not know what to say anymore or what to expect. The tears were already at the fore, ready to rain down at any minute. His next words or action would determine just how fast they would flow because one thing was for sure in all this, she was going to cry. She looked up at him and he was rubbing his forehead now. Then he stopped and looked down at her. She was seated on the bed which was laid out on the rug in her room apartment. He was seated on the one chair she had around.

“How did it happen?”. He asked in a low voice.

A tear dropped and trickled down her beautiful face. She did not know how to answer.

“Tell me”. his tone was harsh now as he sat in an upright position and got to unbuckling his belt. Her eyes widened at this action, was he going to whip her? He had never hit her before, was he going to start now? She thought about getting up and running out of the apartment but she was too emotional to even move at the moment. His next action surprised her as he pulled his dick out. The action did not surprise her as much as the sight of his dick, he was as hard as a rock. She blinked twice as she stared at his dick.

“Was his dick as huge as this?”. He asked her.

She shook her head as she lied, to be honest the dick had been bigger than her boyfriend’s but the the owner did not just know how to put it to good use. The bad sex had been one of the reasons she had called Jack over to confess and also the reason she was in her present position.

“Did you blow him?”. He asked in a voice that sounded strange to her. She was not sure how to respond but she wanted to be totally honest with him so she nodded as she watched him wrap a hand around his dick. He stroked it and then stopped and for some strange reason she felt a tingling sensation between her thighs.

“Come here”. came was the next thing that came out of his mouth. She stood off the bed and walked to him slowly. Now she was the one looking down at him and his dick.

“Kneel down”. he commanded, she obeyed without any hesitation. She was kneeling right between his legs in no time.

“Show me how you sucked him”. He said to her. She looked at his dick then looked up at him in a confused matter. She was not so sure she had heard correctly.

“I said show me what you did to his dick”. He shouted at her. The hesitation went up in smoke as her hand quickly replaced his wrapping around his dick. She could feel it breathing within her grasp as she used her free hand to pull her and hold her hair back. Jack widened his legs to allow her more room as she began to fill up her mouth with his dick. He found breathing difficult as he closed his eyes and imagined his girlfriend sucking some other guy’s dick. He had never been this angry in his life but for some strange reason he had also been aroused at the thought of some other guy pounding his girlfriend. His brain and dick went straight into a conference meeting to decide which emotion would be in charge. Then the thought of her moaning while been fucked had swayed the decision, his dick won. He grabbed her head with both hands and choked her on his dick till the point he knew she could pass out. She fell back on the bed gasping for air . He stood up and watched her breathing heavily. He looked her over, she was wearing just a tank top with no bra, her nipples were erect and visible enough for him to see. She had a bumshort on and nothing more. He pulled his jeans lower in record time and moved closer to her. Turning her over, he grabbed her bumshort and was surprised to find out the hook button was undone. He had little problem pulling it over her round ass and sticking his hand right between her thighs. Her pussy was wet and dripping, this did not surprise him. It was what he wanted at the moment. He stuck a finger into her, letting it linger a while before pulling it out. He licked his finger and loved her taste. She always tasted good. He laid over her, having one of his hand support his weight. With his dick rubbing against her ass, he guided it to her pussy and shoved it in. She let out a moan.

“Did you love the feeling of his dick inside you?”. he groaned by her ear. She did not reply as her hands grabbed the bedsheet in anticipation of what he was about to do to her. He started to fuck her slowly, kissing and licking her neck. Her pussy gripped his dick just perfectly and he loved it.

Her moans got to him and he raised himself off her, his dick still house in her pussy as he was kneeling now. He increased his thrusts into her and placed a hand on her neck, pressing her lower.

“Did he fuck you like this?”. He asked in a voice that was no longer his. And all he got in reply was her moaning getting louder. In anger, he raised a hand and spanked her ass as hard as he could. She cried out, not in pain but in pleasure and he knew this. It angered him more and he spanked her over and over again.

“You loved him fucking you, didn’t you?” he asked. Still no reply, he spanked her till her ass was all red. Her moans were now muffled as her head was buried in the sheets now. He grabbed her by the hair this time and pulled her up.

“Did her fuck you this good?”. he breathed as he grabbed her boobs from behind.

“No, no!” she cried out and it was the truth. The truth that was too much for him to bear. He emptied himself inside her in no time, groaning out loud as he did so. He stayed in that position till his dick went limp inside her then he let her go. She fell back to the bed, rolled up in a ball and closed her eyes.

She did not know for how long she closed her eyes or slept for but when she opened her eyes, she was all alone and it was dark. PHCN had struck, she would have to get the generator on.

“Jack”. She called out in the dark and got no reply. She searched around for her phone and found it. There was a blinking notification on, a text from Jack.

*Thank you for everything*

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