#TrendopeStories: The er0tic show for my new boss

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I put the finishing touches to my make-up and slide into my dress, there was no difficulty pulling the zipper unlike the previous times when I had to practically go outside to scout for my neighbor all in the bid to pull my zipper.

I sure do love how I look so I blew myself a kiss through the mirror stepped into my Louboutin shoes, picked up my Victoria Beckham’s hand bag and with my hair-do in a bun left my apartment.

It wasn’t difficult locating the office and I walked right in with an aura of confidence and sat down after speaking to the guest relations officer, it wasn’t long before I was called into the boardroom to wait for the interviewer to come.

My mind was blank as I sat there patiently waiting for either him/her to come, she eventually and we kicked off with the question and answer sections after that, I was given a question and sheet of paper to write. She sat opposite me staring whilst I set to work, I wasn’t sitting properly but it doesn’t matter because the table was built in a way that one cannot see the legs of the other unless you bend down to peep.

My sitting position didn’t matter anyway so I just concentrated on my paper, lost in thought and in my own zone. So I was until I felt hands on my thighs almost close to my region, I stiffened and the hands stopped moving, I looked down close enough to see the hand but not enough to see the face.

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