Hustle Still Pays: Checkout This Throwback Photo Of Unilag HypeMan BIGBIMI & You Will Be Gingered

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In life, 2 things are the most surest… Guess what?

● Death

● Pay Day

No matter what you do, as far as you wake up with your dream in your head and you are strong enough to chase it, you will definitely hit the Jackpot someday.

Here is Hypeman BIGBIMI’s Throwback photo below:-

Striving hard to become someone in life without having a Politican father or an Oil tycoon mother can be very stressful and discouraging but believe me, It’s the sweetest.

You will definitely have a perfect story line when you eventually make it in Life all alone without anyone pointing at your Glory like “I made him a Millionaire” 

Here is a throwback photo of HypeMan BigBIMI back then.

Today, HypeMan BigBIMI is no doubt one of the finest and fast rising Hypeman in Unilag, Lagos, Nigeria.


● For you, What excuses do you have not to chase your Dream?

● Are you thinking you are too Small or does not have all the things needed to Excel?

Well, the Secret to become a successful person in anything you do is “Persistence, Determination & Consistency

The Hustle will definitely pay sooner than you imagine or pray for.

Don’t give up, Keep moving.

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