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A Little Something For The Groom

It was my bachelor’s eve party and the guys had organized a little something for me. At least that was what Tade had called it.  Throughout my years as a bachelor to getting engaged to Jane, I had always prided myself on being a virgin though I rolled in the company of two notorious playboys. I had promised myself that I was going to remain a virgin right until my wedding night but all that changed on the eve of my wedding.

Tade picked me up from work that Friday evening and as he drove down to Richard’s place, he was giving me a sermon on how it was wrong of me to be working a day before my wedding. I told him that Jane didn’t mind and that I was just trying to clear out my desk so that I wouldn’t have to worry about work when we were in Hollywood in Hawaii. When we got to Richard’s, he entered the car in his usual boisterous manner and asked Tade if all was set at the house, a question which Tade answered with a confirmative nod of his head and Richard gave me a wink. They knew that I wasn’t too cool with the idea of the bachelor’s party but since the three of us have been friends for well over ten years now, there was little I could do. They had refused to tell me of where the party was going to be held, all they had said was that it was safe enough for all secrets to die there without Jane ever knowing what went down though I knew I had no intention of doing anything that would need hiding from Jane.

“Relax man, you are going to be alright, it’s just some booze and good pussy,” Richard said with a laugh as he opened a can of Orijin from a small cooler in the back seat, “it’s your bachelor’s eve, don’t you want to tell your children of at least one sin that you committed. It is technically not going to be cheating if you don’t do anything you know.” The meaning of that dawned on me much more later. He continued,  “You are not yet married to Jane so you can get into your faithful husband mode starting tomorrow.”

“Well that is not so reassuring coming from a man who has no intentions of getting married. What would you know about cheating?” Richard has two children from two different women and according to him, he was never getting himself into the prison called marriage. According to him, one would he want to fish in the same pond when he could visit as many rivers as he could without guilt. There was just no convincing him that marriage was much more than sex,to Richard, every woman was sex on legs to him.

We got to the apartment in no time and a gateman opened the gate for us. As I got down, Richard motioned for me to stop and said as part of the fun, he and Tade had agreed to blindfold me so that I didn’t freak out. I took one look at their faces and realized that they were serious so I allowed myself to be blindfolded and like a lamb to the slaughter they led me into the house. The party was already in full swing as I could hear Patoranking’s “Girlie O” blasting from a stereo. I was lead to what must have been the centre of the room and then the music volume reduced, I was surprised when I heard Tade’s voice

“Thank you for coming to our very good friend, Chinedu’s bachelor’s party. We the friends of Nedu are however a bit uncomfortable with the idea that our friend is about to get married without knowing the pleasures that comes from a woman so we have decided that we got to teach him how to be a man for Jane.” I reached out and tried to yank the blindfold off my eyes but they were too quick for me, Tade and Richard held me down while someone began to tie me down to the chair I was sitting on.  I was going to kill them, at least I believed I thought I was going to kill them.

The music began to play again and then I felt a hot breath fanning across my face, it was soft and held a sweet pleasant smell that I couldn’t place my hands on, it smelt oddly like Jane’s perfume and then I felt someone unbuttoning my shirt. I tried to move but couldn’t, the bastards. They had led me to be humiliated in front of everybody?

“Relax Chinedu, I am only here to make your every fantasy come to life,” a female voice said in my ear. I don’t want my fantasy coming to life I wanted to say but I said nothing as I felt her go behind my chair and a tongue began probing my ear. Her moist tongue felt as if it was curled as it played in my ear while her fingers unbuttoned my shirt. Wait, it wasn’t the same person, there were two of them. There were two women? When my buttons were undone, I felt two fingers run through my chest hair and despite my own protest, I began to feel a stirring in my groin. How was that even possible, I was tied in a room filled with only God knows how many people and I was having an erection?

The soft breath came to my face again and this time the tongue teased itself across my lips while I felt a hand working on my zipper. I tried to turn my head away but a soft palm turned my face back and I found myself allowing myself to be kissed. It had to be the scent, it reminded me of Jane. Her lips were soft and undemanding as she kissed me and her tongue probed my mouth. She explored every corner of my mouth and I felt that stirring in my crotch again before I felt another hand at my dick and then a mouth. She began to kiss the glans with her mouth and f it was possible to have buckled, I am sure I would have buckled. Despite my protestations, I felt my dick growing firm and harder. The girl at my dick rolled her tongue around the tip before my member went into her mouth. This sensation was sensation like I had never felt before and my mouth sought the girl at my mouth with my fervor as my dick came to full erection with the sucking, licking and stroking that was going down on my dick.

Her mouth was traveling up and down the length of my dick over and over again. This was damn insane, I shouldn’t be erect, I shouldn’t be enjoying it but alas I was. She was alternating between licking and sucking and for the first time since getting tied up, I wished I was free not to make my escape but to touch something but I was tired and the girls kept on doing the work. The girl at my dick then did something that surprised me even more, she went to work on my balls. She proceeded to lick my balls while her hand jerked on the shaft of my dick. I groaned with pleasure, although I was a virgin, I had jerked myself a couple of times before now but having someone else do it was a totally new experience.  The girl kissing me suddenly pulled away and spread my shirt apart and began licking and sucking on my beefy abs with her fingers rubbing up and down the sides of my body. I couldn’t take this anymore I began, threw my head back as I tried to get as much of my dick into the girl sucking me and she must have felt that twitching sensation because just as I was about to cum, her mouth left my dick and her hand went back to jerking me even as I screamed in climax.

I suddenly felt embarrassed, that had just happened in front of other people and as if sensing my new embarrassment, one of the girls whispered to me, don’t worry, we were alone as she undid my blindfold. It was Lydia, Jane’s best friend but I never got to see the face of the other girl as she was already closing the door behind her. Lydia dressed pulled up my trouser and untied my hands before also walking out the door and I quickly undid the ropes to adjust myself before my crazy friends made their re-entrance.

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