#TrendopeStories: Down And Dirty At The Cinemas [Must Read]

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down and dirty at the cinemas penastory

The man pulled on his car door to double check that he had locked it before darting a look furtively around to see if anybody was watching him before he adjusted his suit and walked smartly into the cinema.  He was supposed to be at work but he had agreed to meet her here after she had complained about how much she never got to see him again these days. Although busy, there was something about Cassandra and her soft velvet he could not resist. He was still a little bit uncomfortable that he had agreed to meet her during work hours at a public place like a cinema on a weekday. Most of the people he knew would be at work anyway, he thought to himself as he got out of the elevator on the third floor and headed towards the ticket counter.

Where was she? He was going to be angry if she wasn’t here already as she had promised she would be. It was bad enough that he was a married man unable to resist her lustful advances and she was his wife’s secondary school friend that had reunited with her during the wedding. She was easily the most beautiful of the bridesmaids and with her gown barely covering her goodies. She walked with a seductive sway that made her buttocks swing in a manner that would lead even a man of God to want to renounce his faith in God if he got a promise of basking in her glory.

“You look smart as usual and you just have to arrive late” he turned around sharply as she wrapped her arms around his neck and brushed his ear with her lips softly. The protest about how they were in public and she shouldn’t be seeing embracing him died on his lips as he took in her scent and her soft breasts pressed against his chest, instead, he found himself hugging her back. Was it his fault? Korede was eight months pregnant and didn’t want him touching her? He was still a man that had needs to be met and if Cassandra provided a solution on a platter of gold as she had done about two months back just in time to save him from becoming best friends with hands, who could blame him?

“Yes, I am.” They hugged a little bit longer than usual. She was dressed in a wrap dress that showed a good deal, too much deal of her flawlessly smooth thighs with an opening in the front that didn’t quite expose her breasts but just gave a hint at the twin mountains that were on her chest.

They disengaged from their embrace and he bought the ticket for the movie she had requested that she would like to see even though he had tried dissuading her to wait till the weekend. Ultimately, she had won, Cassandra was a woman who combined beauty with brains. She had reminded him gently that the cinema was less likely to be filled with people they both knew on a weekday since everyone would be at work unlike a weekend when most people would be out either to relax or coming out for some fun with their families.

She was walking in front of him, her hips swaying, moving her buttocks that was barely covered in a natural side to side movement as if she was dancing to some music no one else could hear. He gave the tickets to the security guy at the entrance and followed Cassie as he liked to call her into the darkened theater room. He didn’t see that she had waited for a minute to let her eyes adjust to the dark room and he collided into her from behind. He wrapped his arms around her to steady her and since his eyes were not totally accustomed to the darkened room yet, he found his fingers brushing her breasts even as she leaned into him for support.

“Let’s seat at that far end, up there!” she pointed and he looked into the theatre room. There were only about four other people in the room making the place look like it was virtually empty. Cassandra had been right, people didn’t come to the movies during the weekday during work hours to watch a movie when there was nothing exciting to show.  The movie was already underway so they made their way to the topmost seat that she had indicated and he followed her as she walked to the far right, choosing, a secluded corner in an already dark place.

For the first few minutes, her eyes were glued to the comedy movie showing on the screen even though he knew she was not a particular fan of comedy and when he looked at her as she doubled over with laughter, his eyes gazed lustfully at her breasts which seemed like it was about to spill out of her dress. As she settled back into the chair, he began to stroke her hand that was resting on his thigh. She turned to look at him and he saw something he couldn’t quite fathom in her eyes. Her hand shifted on his thigh, her fingers stroking him back. He had been horny for days so it was only natural when he began to feel that stirring in his groin as he  fingers played just around his penis and after a furtive gaze around the room, he found himself dipping his hand into her breasts quickly. She turned from the movie screen to face him so that he had better access and leaned into him, her lips brushing his ear. Her lips skirted around his ear and he fondled her breasts gently, squeezing gently even as her hand worked on the zipper of his trouser.  His dick had needed no further prompting and he was already erect when her hands brushed aside his underwear impatiently. She brought out just his cock head at first and held it between two fingers, stroking gently and leaning further into him as his hand movement on her breasts became faster. He brought out her left breasts to give him freer access forgetting that they were in the cinemas and sucked on it gently.

There was a soft moan in her throat as his mouth closed around her nipple and sucked gently and she quickly undid his belt buckle and grabbed his dick in her hand and as he sucked on her breast, she jerked on his dick. He felt himself growing harder in the soft palm of her hand and his sucking on her breast became harder, causing her to moan again, this time, slightly louder than the first time around. Her dress that had been a short attire of an excuse of a dress was riding up her thigh with the way she was straining to get as close to him as possible on the chair and he used his free hand that wasn’t holding her breast that he was sucking on to caress her exposed thigh.  She buckled violently when his hand slipped under her dress and connected with her soaked panties and rubbed the fabric against her pussy with his thumb. He knew she liked to be rubbed that way and he wished he could have her right then. As he sucked, he rubbed her vagina through the thin, wet fabric of her pant and she began to squirm on the chair, letting go of his dick that she had been holding like a prized possession.

Cassandra bit down on her lips to stop herself from making sounds that could attract the other people in the theatre to them but she found that the more he sucked and teased her, the less control she had so she pushed him back and quickly removing her shoes, she went down on his dick. She held the shaft of his dick in her hand and dangled the rock hard meat in her hand before she closed her mouth around the head and sucked in the manner one would suck on a straw while sipping a drink. His hand went to her head as he encouraged her to go further down and she got the silent message and took his entire length in her mouth. She sucked on him sloppily and fast, the sounds of her blowjob drowned by the sound coming from the screen. As she sucked, she jerked on his dick which sent sensations of pleasure through him.

Korede never sucked, she was a Christian girl that believed it was a sin to have her mouth on her husband’s dick. He had thought it would change when they got married but she had remained adamant about it, only if she knew how much he enjoyed a good blowjob; something like the wonders Cassie was performing on his dick right now with the bobbing movement of her head as she sucked as if she was going to milk him of all his juices. She switched tactics when she began to alternate between grazing him with her teeth gently and licking him with her tongue as if she was now eating an ice cream on a cone. He sighed contentedly and began to thrust gently into her mouth, it was his turn now to make sure he wasn’t making moaning sounds that could attract attention to them.  She was beginning to knead his thigh as she sucked, swallowing his shaft in her mouth and swirling her tongue wildly around the underside of the head of his cock. He found himself sweating with desire while she began to make small sounds as she sucked to encourage the buckling that she was feeling as he pushed his dick into her mouth. She loved the way his salty precum tasted in her mouth and she only sucked faster.

She brought out his balls even as she sucked and he felt himself drawing close when her mouth left his shaft to work on his balls, she took the first ball into her mouth and sucked gently before cramming both into her mouth while jerking on his dick. It took all the restraint in him to prevent him from screaming out and he felt his cock begin to twitch and as she felt the twitching movement as well, she released his balls and went back on his dick. He pressed down her face as he felt his cum bubbling and spilling out of him and she took each spurt in her mouth, continuing to suck and he felt himself shifting wildly on the chair.

When he was spent, she spat out the cum mixed with saliva on the floor and looked up at him with a smile on her face and he smiled his first real smile in days. It felt good to have finally been relieved of his load even if it had not been quite what he wanted but then, they could always get to that.

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