#TrendopeStories: The night quickie [Must Read]

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*What are you doing?*

Was the text that came through. I stared at my phone wondering if I should tell her what I was really doing or just sidestep the question. Should I tell her I was staring at my nodding dick and wondering why I was all alone in this sort of weather?

*Nothing, just in bed*.. was my reply.

*Come downstairs, I want to see you*.

* alright, let me get clothes on* I smiled as I replied. I felt really weird but then again it was expected in a way. This was a lady I had always admired from afar for over a year and yet never really spoken to until last night. It was just the occasional ‘hi, hi, good morning’. It had all changed last night when we walked the short distance from the bus stop to the house together. She lived in the next building by the way and we had exchanged numbers before parting ways. I did not call or text her till this morning and she had responded sweetly. From then on, we had chatted about anything and everything that came up.

I got joggers on and a chelsea jersey. I though about getting a sweater considering the cold weather but decided against it. Two minutes later, I was standing outside my gate. I looked over at her building, she was nowhere in sight. I was about texting her when I saw her step out. And as always, she had me breathless but I knew I had to behave myself. She was on the slim side with hips and an ass that most ladies would kill for. Her boobs were on the average side, those ones you could forget yourself sucking on. But that was not what had attracted me to her in the first place. It had been her smile, it was something I could not describe. She had on a pair of black jeans that looked more like leggings, I could bet she had no panties on. And there was the off shoulder top.

“How is the weather treating you?”. she asked as she hugged me. I loved the warmth even if it was temporary.

“Not so good, wish I had company and a bottle of vodka”. I answered.

She laughed and shook her head at me.

“So, what’s up?”. I asked.

“Nothing much, I just wanted to see you. Should we stroll?”. she asked.

“Sure, let me even check on Leonard”.. I said. Leonard was a friend who lived on the next street.

“Can I come along?”. she asked.

“Of course”. I smiled at her.

We spoke as we walked, mostly about the weather and things that one could be doing indoors. Also touched about the home business she was planning on starting the next day.

Few minutes later and we were at Leonard’s door. I knocked twice before he opened up looking like he was heading out.

“How far, where you dey go?”. I asked as he opened.

“I dey come jare, I wan quickly get fuel”.

“Okay”. I nodded as I took time to introduce him to the lady with me. He shook her hand and pleaded she give him sometime to run to the filling station and get some fuel. Then he was off. I led her indoor, it was all dark but there was a rechargeable lamp on the floor along the passage to his living room which offered some sort of illumination. His living room was the typical bachelor pad, well except for the huge snooker table in the center. I pulled a chair and offered her to sit, she declined. Well, I sat down and we got to talking while she stood leaning against the snooker table.

“You do know you looking really amazing, right?”. I said.

“Don’t start with the whyning” she laughed.

“Why would I want to do that? Do you think I am joking?”..I stood up as I spoke.

“Well done, so tell me considering this weather and how dark it is, what are you thinking right now?”. She whispered.

I thought of the perfect answer I could give but I came up short. I looked at her lips and decided to take a shot. In one swift step, I closed the little distance between us and was wrapping my arms around her waist. She did not offer any form of resistance so I went for the kiss, she opened up. Offering me her lips, she tasted like redwine. Sweet red wine. I hugged her close and tight.

I did not want the kiss to end, her lips had all of me under control. My hands were running all through her body, underneath her top and reaching for her bra hook. I got it undone and let it slide down her arms as my hands went lower and into jeans. As I had guessed, she had no panties on. It was a really tight space between her ass and the jeans, I decided to create more space. One hand was pulling the jeans lower, the other was cupping up as much ass as it could. She finally broke off the kiss and I got back to where I had started off, her neck. I wasn’t all sniffing now, I was kissing as much skin as I could. I planted kisses all from her bare shoulder right up her neck and to her jaw. I avoided her lips, I did not want to go there yet again.

The jeans was off her ass now and had fallen around her ankles. I cupped both ass cheeks and squeezed as hard as I could before one hand went right at her pussy. I rubbed my whole palm on her pussy before sticking a finger out and into her. It slid in as easily as possible, she was that wet. I felt like going down and eating her pussy out but considering the time and circumstance, I knew today was not the day for that. Her hands had found their way to my waist and were pulling my joggers down as I had done to her jeans. She pulled my boxers along with it and in no time, my erect dick was poking at her thighs. No words were needed, we both understood the situation. She turned around and stretched her hands forward to hold onto the snooker table. I moved behind and stared at her ass. I was so fucking tempted to go on my knees and eat her out from behind but then again not today.I grabbed my dick and with my mouth back on her neck, I slid into her. Her pussy gripped my dick tight and eased it slowly in. I closed my eyes as the feeling of her wet pussy hit me.

“Fuck” I muttered.

We stayed in that position with my dick inside her for some seconds, think she was loving the feeling of my dick filling her pussy up. But want took over and I started to thrust into her slowly. One hand was forward and on her pussy, rubbing as I got to fucking her from behind. She threw a hand back and was running all over my head as she moaned. I had stopped kissing her neck now and just had my face buried in her neck with my eyes still closed.

As I increased the pace of my thrusts, she let go of the snooker table and was standing upright now. Considering her height and mine, we stood as one as I fucked her fast and hard. Her moans were louder now and I was thankful that generators sounds were alive around the area. I reached underneath her top and grabbed her boobs, squeezing them lightly before pulling on her nipples.

“Don’t stop, fuck me. Please fuck me”. Was all she whispered. And this only made me go harder n faster.

I leaned backwards and bent her till she was back to holding onto the Table again. I gripped her hips tight as I was about to cum. Spanking her ass hard, I hurriedly pulled out my dick, splattering cum all over the floor. Well it was dark, I could not see how much damage I had done.

“Fuck, that was crazy”. she whispered again. I smiled and looked at her ass all shiny in the dark. She had not cum yet and I knew I had to fix that so I moved closer to her and shoved my finger up her pussy.

 “Are you going to tell me what you are thinking?”. was the statement that brought me back to reality with fingers snapping across my face.

“Huh? What? What happened?”. I shook my head.

“Jeez!, what were you thinking of”. She asked me.

I sighed and shook my head.

“Trust me, you don’t wanna know” . was all I said.

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