#TrendopeStories: The Dirty Secretary (Must Read)

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the dirty secretary penastory

I was working late that night. My grouchy boss had delayed me again for the third time this week. I had no idea how a human being would work eighteen hours a day every single day of the week. Yes that includes weekends. It was very safe to say he had no social life and I can’t recall ever had seeing him with a girl. The only reason why I kept mute about working late was because I was in love with him. Very cliché right?

From the very first moment I set my eyes on him at the interview, I was in love. I stared in wonderment, fascinated at how the dark blue suit clung to him like it was a long lost friend. Getting the job became more than a dream come true for me and after working in close proximity with him for well over two years, I was head over heels in love with him. The sad part? He never seemed to notice me.

I like to think I am sex on wheels with my long shapely legs, firm boobs, taut ass and curvaceous body matched with a pretty face that was the fantasy of the lusty desire of any African man, how could a man not notice me? My boss was the only man on the planet that did not take an interest in me or look in my direction twice and I decided that had to change.

It was a Friday and I had dressed casually as was my habit on Fridays wearing a white sleeveless bodycon dress paired with a dark blue denim jacket and white heels. All day long, I thought of how I was going to carry out my plans and my chance finally came. Mr. Busy Boss wanted a cup of coffee at around 8pm and it was my job to get it. I took my opportunity, while delivering his coffee, I knocked over some files on his table and bent over to pick them up. I pretended to be oblivious to my boss checking out my ass as it strained against the tight fabric of my jeans. I tood up and our gazes met, the pure desire naked in his eyes. I could see he wanted me and to me this was a dream come true.

Getting bolder by what I saw, I  became more daring and walked over to where he was while he watched me as if transfixed. I dropped the collected the files on the table and the next thing was the onslaught of his mouth. He kissed me with so much fervor, all I could do was hang on to him. I felt like I was turning to pudding. He carried me up and with a single swipe of his hand, he cleared the table. The files went crashing to the floor and before I could even complain, his hands were on my boobs. Kneading and fondling. A very throaty moan was my reply. I removed his jacket, shirt and belt subconsciously and pulled him by his tie to my mouth. He ceremoniously removed my jacket and gown and I was in my lace panties only. I felt shy all of a sudden and attempted to cover myself with my hands but he would not have any of that. He removed his tie and used it to bind my hands. My sexual pleasure was heightened and he took another tie from his cabinet and covered my eyes. I couldn’t see or touch him and this turned my pussy into a leaking faucet.

For a while he did nothing but stare at me and I could feel his eyes bore into my soul. I just sat on his table squirming under the scrutiny while feeling very self conscious. All of a sudden, I felt his hand pushing my thighs open and his hot mouth was on me. I screamed in pleasure and his hands found my nipples. I wanted more. I was so close to climaxing but I didn’t want to come without him inside me.

“Please,” I moaned softly.

“What exactly do you want?” He asked in a husky voice. I swallowed before replying, “I want your big dick slamming into me so fast and hard that I won’t be able to close my legs for days. I want you fucking me to oblivion. I want you”. I felt him take his cock and tease my entrance. I wiggled hungrily, trying to get him inside me but he held me firmly in place then all of a sudden, he slammed into me so hard I was sure the table was going to break. He held my ass as he thrust into me. Thrust after thrust, he brought me closer to the edge and as I pushed my ass out, I heard him moan with the next thrust. Since he seemed to like this, I began to rise with every slam of his dick until I was finally pushed over the edge and he joined me with a loud grunt like sound. He untied me and I stared appreciatively at his sweat drenched body.

“Pick the files and arrange them on my table and don’t get dressed,” he said.

“Yes boss,” I replied with a smirk on my face.

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