My Boyfriend Likes Abnormally Large Breasts – Girl Laments

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Vanguard newspaper relationship adviser, Bunmi has shared the story of a lady whose boyfriend is obsessed with the humongous mammary glands of female folks thereby causing her to panic.

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Dear Bunmi, 
I never said anything yet to my boyfriend but I think he is obsessed with abnormally large breasts. I always catch him staring at women’s chest. I have boobs that are on the small size and his attitude is making me feel inadequate. I have a good mind to ask him if he would rather be with a busty woman!
Ada, by e-mail.
Dear Ada,
Your boyfriend, obviously, cares about you because he chooses to be with you instead of a busty woman.
However, courteous men don’t check out girls when they are out with a woman they care about. It sounds like this man needs a few lessons in etiquette. Let him know that when he ogles other women, it makes you feel bad. Even ifhe can’t help himself, he’ll, at least, try to be more discreet about it.
 As for your feeling “inadequate,” you must realise that big boobs don’t do anything that small ones can’t do as well or better.
Romatically, small breasts are even more sensitive than big ones; they can nourish off springs just as well; and when it comes to attracting admiring looks, women with small breasts can wear sleek clothes that don’t suit big busts.
So, ignore your beau and walk just as tall and proud as any busty woman does.
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