#TrendopeStories: Hot With A Vampy [Must Read]

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hot with a vampy

I sat at my usual table. The one farthest from the door, I could see most people as they came and went but from my position, I was hidden from the crowd. It was a perfect view for me. I hated being known. I liked having the element of surprise.

He slid suddenly into the seat directly opposite me. I was annoyed at the intrusion. It felt like someone intruding on personal space. He gave me a childish, toothy grin and I could feel my anger slowly ebb away. His teeth seemed perfect in their pearly whiteness and his dentition made him look like he lived off commercials for good teeth adverts.

“Hi, my name is Darcy but most people call me Poison because I usually kiss them slowly till I break their defenses then strike hard and fast.”

I looked up at that moment with all the pain I felt and said in a soft but sad voice “Death would be very welcomed right now.” I could tell that he wasn’t like every other guy I had met. There was a particular darkness around him that called to mine for merging. I felt like I was under a haze, a compelling that I couldn’t shake off.

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