#TrendopeStories: Home Alone [Must Read]

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I was bored, had spent all day locked in my house doing nothing, I was bored. I had done exercise, seen movies, I’ve tried everything to avoid boredom, but nothing had been enough, I was still feeling bored.

Well, I had done it all, except for one thing. One super fun thing.

I got out of bed and took off my clothes, it was time to get a good masturbation before sleep.

I lay down on the bed again and spread my legs, letting the cold air from my room enter in my vagina. I sucked one of my fingers and filled it from my saliva, licked it very well, then I inserted it into my vagina, moving it in and out of it, masturbating me slowly and gently at first, and then quickly and beastly.

I sucked the index finger of my other hand and softly touched my clit with it, I pressed over my clit and then started to make circles with my finger , filling my body with pleasure.  I started to moan a little.

I felt myself stroking inside, as if I were tickling my body, I liked that sensation, I cannot control it, the pleasure was my owner. A heat grew inside my belly, giving me the sensation that I needed to pee, this was the kind of pure pleasure that you feel before you have an orgasm.

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