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Excerpt from Part 1:

catch my breath when he stands up and our eyes meet; there is an unmistakable desire in his eyes. For a moment, neither of us says anything as my eyes travel his length, from his branded T-shirt to the tight pants he has on. My eyes widen when I see the bulge he is trying to hide. He shifts uncomfortably on his feet and I realize I am staring.

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I jerk my head up guiltily and my eyes meet his. He has an unreadable expression on his face and of one accord, we both step closer to each other. I splay my hands on his broad shoulder and without a word, his head descends. He nibs softly on my ear, something in me tells me to stop it, what we are doing is wrong but it was as if my hands had their own will.  I pulled out his shirt from his trouser and frantically attacked the buttons next. His free hand goes to my towel and one tug sends the towel falling to my legs.

I am naked underneath the towel and there are still spots of water on my skin from the bath. He buries his face in my hair and breath in the scent, making a sound in his throat like a person who just had a sip of an exceptionally fine wine. The horniness I had felt before while in the bath is back with full force and when his hand cups one of my breast gingerly, I feel like a dam has just been let loose in me. My knees buckle under me as his face leave my hair and he brings his mouth to torture one nipple. He flicks his tongue over the erect nipple, teasing with his tongue. My unstable movement sends both of us reeling backwards and we crash into the fridge but I am too aroused to be concerned about the cold door of the closed fridge as I moan

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