#TrendopeStories: Holy Water: The Milkman – Part 1

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I peel off my clothes hastily as I walk into the house, slamming the front door behind me. For a moment, I take a glance round the living room and wish that Uche would walk in through the doors telling me he changed his mind and that he had decided not to go with his flight. That he had suddenly remembered today is our wedding anniversary; but I know it is fanciful thinking.  He is far off in the in air, on his way to his precious Ireland.

It still hurts remembering that conversation when he had teased my earlobes with his tongue as we lay in bed two nights before. He had come home tired as usual but he looked animated when he walked in. I had barely gotten up from my laptop where I was working on a story about Davido not having won any notable award since 2014 when he kissed me passionately and whispered,

“Guess what babe?” his voice was husky and I could feel his excitement.

“What is it dear? You know I am not good at guessing,” I replied with a laugh, closing my laptop and wondering what was making him so excited.

“I am going to Ireland with my boss. He chose me to attend a conference with him during this Ileya break. Imagine! Me!! He chose me!!!” His voice rose in pitch with every word and he was so happy he missed the look of horror that crossed my face. I swallowed involuntarily.

“Ireland?” I repeated stupidly, managing to squeeze the semblance of a smile on my face. It was obvious he had forgotten that this Ileya is supposed to be our wedding anniversary. The excitement of going to Ireland had wiped out any other memory leaving him with only thoughts of overseas splendor.

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