#TrendopeStories: The P*ssy Monster And The Virgin [Must Read]

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‘I haven’t been with anyone,’ I said.

“What you still a virgin?” was Richard’s reply.

Yes I am a virgin at 25, I had a very bad experience in my first relationship, so I was determined not to give my virginity to just anyone. Some people say ‘it’s just virginity’ but to me it was more than that, I wanted someone who shared passion in sex not just a guy who would wanna go under your pants and disappear the next morning. I dated a few guys, they were either after the ‘cookies’ or after my money, did I forget to mention, my father is a business tycoon, and I’m his only daughter of three children and the last at that.

Then I met Richard at a wedding reception, he was that type of guy I wouldn’t notice at first but he walked up to me, gave me a cup of champagne. “I love your dress, it brings out the colour of your eye, complements your complexion, displays a perfect set of cleavages and holds your boobs firmly,” he complimented me and turned to leave.

I know I should have let him be, but my alter ego couldn’t stand being at d losing end of this conversation. ‘Why thank you, but I’ll advice to be careful, those boobs might be d death of you,” I replied grinning and then I realized what I just did. Luckily he smirked and walked away, I didn’t see him again at again at the reception, only to get a text the next day. “I’ll love to find out how my execution would be carried out. 8pm SFC Ahmadu Bello way. PS: won’t wait more than 15 mins”.

That was two weeks ago, and here we are naked in his bedroom, torn apart with desire. He gets up from the bed, motions me to wait for him then he leaves the room and returns with a bottle of vodka, two cups, a lollipop, a can of strawberry flavoured cake topping and a Bluetooth speaker. I was getting excited, then he walked into his closet, brings out a red and a blue tie and a Durex pack. I could feel my inner goddess jumping out of excitement. He connected his phone to the speaker and plays a song which I later know to be Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in the Minor’.

He gestures for me to come over, I did reluctantly, he kissed me passionately, I could feel every resistance in my body give way, he broke the kiss, picked up the cake topping and sprayed a little on my neck, it felt cold and then he licked it up, his tongue sent shivers down my spine, I could feel my pussy moisten, he then whispered in my ear, “Suck me baby”.

He sprayed the topping on his member, which was about nine and a half inches, – what every woman wishes for – I gladly went down and took his dick in my mouth, sucked on it gently while I massaged his balls with one hand, he groaned and I knew I was doing a good job. I shifted my attention to his balls and back to his dick, I could feel his member jerk and I knew he was close, so I sucked harder, he exploded in my mouth and I choked, he laughed and I couldn’t help but feel he was the devil.

He then carried me to his king size bed, he used the tie to fasten my hands to the bedpost, he then took the topping and sprayed it round my breasts and on the nipples and then drew a ‘V’ that met at my navel. He opened the lollipop licked it a little then slipped it inside of me, he then used his tongue to trace the map he drew on my body while he used the lollipop to fuck me, once he had cleaned the map on my body, he then put the lollipop in my mouth, “suck on that” he said then he bit my left nipple and used his right hand to tug at the other one, it was a pleasurable sensation. “Your boobs might be the death of me but not today”  he said as he lifted his head, he trailed kisses to my navel it tickled at d same time he slipped two fingers inside me, it felt better than the lollipop I was licking, he finger fucked me rising in tempo bit by bit together with the song that was playing, he sucked on my clit and damn it felt so good, I could feel my orgasm building up, I tried to close my leg and hold it in but his body held me in place, his tempo then rose as d tempo of the music also did and got louder, I couldn’t take it anymore I spat out d lollipop just before I screamed as I hit orgasm, he lapped it with his tongue. He untied my hands, I realised the tempo of the song has also gone down, he kissed me then tore open one of the Durex.

“Now for the main event” he said as he wore it on his now swollen member, he teased me a little, then bent and locked our lips together he then slipped his member into me, I gasped in his mouth as he broke my hymen. “Its gonna get better,” he said as he began to ride me, he went fast and strong, then he reverted to his calm and gentle strokes, he kept on the progression, I could feel my second ever orgasm and it was bigger than the first, instinct made me wrap my legs around his waist as he slammed me fast and deep, I eventually came screaming for the second time, and he came after me, we laid breathing hard, then he went and brought two cups half filled with vodka, “Drink up baby, it would help the pain, and we got a long night ahead this was for you, the remaining are mine.”

Hahaha what a devil, I’m still curious about what he has in store for me.

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