Folake, the horrible cheat!

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Folake had always thought she would be faithful to her boyfriend, she did truly love him. Regrettably, there are things in the world that you just can’t resist, no matter how good your intentions are. She found herself in that situation not too long ago.

She had been with her boyfriend for just three years. They had never had any major arguments, everything had always been great. Folake had never even looked at another man. She was couldn’t explain what happened that day, she tried to blame it on the alcohol, but in the end, she enjoyed what happened far more than she should have.

Her boyfriend had invited his friends over, a couple that he had known since university: Ahmed and Jennifer. Folake had met them several times on dinner outings, but she had never found Ahmed overly attractive. He wasn’t ugly, but, she had never looked at another man with romantic intention and Ahmed was no exception.

But Jennifer made her really jealous. Jennifer had braided hair, gorgeous brown skin and big bouncy breasts, a DD.

It wasn’t much smaller than Folake’s, who wore C-cup bras, but Jennifer always wore clothes that showed off her ample cleavage, while Folake was usually too nervous to. Jennifer was a few years older than Folake, about 25 compared to her 21. Folake’s hair was short which made most people seem to think she was not too attractive, although her boyfriend always said he loved her hair. Her skin was darker than Jennifer’s, however her boyfriend said it was perfect, but very few people seemed to believe so.

Ahmed wasn’t anything special. He was about the same size as Folake’s boyfriend physically and he always had an uncombed hair. She had never looked at him from a sexual light, which made what happened even crazier.

They all ended up drinking one night, playing Xbox, watching some movies. Folake was lightheaded, so by the time it reached midnight, she was feeling very tipsy. Jennifer had passed out on the two mattresses that were placed in the living room to sleep on, but the guys still seemed to be going strong. Eventually it was suggested that everyone go to sleep to try and avoid any hangovers the next day and they all ended up in bed before one. Folake fell asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Folake was awoken a few hours later by something hard pressing into her ass. She didn’t think anything of it, she assumed it was her boyfriend, until she realised that her boyfriend was asleep right in front of her. She opened her eyes quickly to make sure of it, and sure enough, there was his face only a few inches away from hers. Her boyfriend was sound asleep.

It could only have been Ahmed’s dick pressing against her. She tried to ignore, she assumed it was an accident. The mattresses weren’t very big; they hadn’t really thought the idea through, so it was fair to assume that they would end up in close quarters. The trouble was that Folake couldn’t ignore it.

Ahmed’s dick felt big. Her boyfriend has always been able to satisfy her, but he wasn’t the largest in the world. Slightly above average maybe. Ahmed’s dick felt like it was at least eight inches long and hard and thick as well. She found herself unconsciously pushing herself back against it, trying to feel how big it was against her asshole.

It felt so erotic to her, looking at her boyfriend’s sleeping face as she felt up his best friend’s dick with her ass. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her hip, and her heart leapt. Ahmed was awake! Had he felt her pressing her ass against him? How could he not have?

He was pulling her hips back so that his dick pressed even harder against her. She couldn’t help but moan slightly with pleasure. Her pussy was starting to get wet. She knew this was wrong. She should have stopped him, but a mixture of the alcohol still lingering in her veins, the wetness of her pussy and the large dick pressed against her ass made it impossible for her to stop.

Folake felt the hand on her hips run up her side, underneath her shirt, inches away from her breasts. She grabbed it in a panic. She wasn’t sure how far she wanted this to go. Ahmed let her hold his wrist, his hand just a few millimeters away from her chest. Could she really do this to her boyfriend? He had always adored her breasts. Could she let his best friend have a feel of them?

There was one, large reason against her ass that said yes. Reluctantly, she accepted that she was a horrible girlfriend and guided Ahmed’s hand onto one of her breasts. His hand felt great as he softly massaged her. His other hand moved down to her ass and softly squeezed it. She felt his whole body move in close so she could feel him right behind her. Her pussy was soaking with lust. She started to imagine how his dick would feel inside her.

It would fill her up like her boyfriend never had. In one submissive movement, she lowered her bum-shorts and panties to find that Ahmed had already released his dick. It slapped against her ass sending shivers all over her. Ahmed bent his dick so it rubbed against her pussy.

Folake was so wet by now, she knew she had to have him. She was done playing games. She turned her head slightly so she was facing behind her and said just two words, confirming herself as a cheating slut.

“Fuck me.”

Ahmed seemed to have been waiting for that command. He rearranged himself slightly and forced the tip of his dick into her. It already felt amazing. Just with the head of his dick he was stretching her wider than ever before. She moaned, louder than she meant to and quickly covered her mouth with a hand. His dick pushed further into her.

She felt like she needed to scream. It felt too good. Ahmed’s dick was now halfway inside of her and the lust had become too much. Tired of playing games, Folake pushed herself back further onto his long dick until she felt his balls softly slap against her thighs.

The feeling was intense and absolutely fantastic. She could feel her juices hurriedly coating his dick. Ahmed held her tightly as he slowly pulled himself back out of her soaked pussy before slamming himself back in. She moaned loudly into her hand, so loud she had to look over to her boyfriend to make sure she hadn’t woken him. Her boyfriend was still facing her, fast asleep.

It turned Folake on so much to look her boyfriend in the face as his best friend rested comfortably inside her pussy.

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