Spying on my lesbian niece, Helen [Part 2]

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Helen’s face was contorted as she struggled balancing the seduction and her desire to win the game. I saw Nonye put four fingers in his sister’s pussy and pick up the pace. As Nonye’s breasts pressed into Helen’s back as she caressed Helen’s breast and finger fucked her.

I could hardly stand it any longer so I dropped my shorts and freed my erection. I stroked it slowly as I watched the two lovely lesbians in action.

“Almost there, I’m almost there,” Helen cried out.

I heard the bells and music sound from the phone as Helen conquered the game.

As the music played Helen’s eyes rolled and she screamed out as she achieved a massive orgasm. Her body shook and her legs trembled as her juices flowed and coated Nonye’s fingers.

Adding to Helen’s orgasmic high was the fact that she had simultaneously achieved the highest level in the game. Helen leaned back into Nonye who caressed Helen’s breasts as she came back to earth.

I was still jerking off slowly watching the two girls and I wondered if I would see anything else. Nonye lifted the tee shirt all the way off of Helen’s body and only the footwear remained on her lovely petite body. Nonye turned Helen toward her and they kissed deeply with their breasts pressing together.

It was another first for me as I had never seen two girls kiss passionately before. Helen’s hands were now on Nonye’s naked breasts. She fondled them and pinched the erect nipples as Nonye did the same to her.

Helen dropped her mouth to Nonye’s breasts and spent several minutes kissing and sucking them. Next she reached for Nonye’s shorts and pulled them along with the panties down and off her legs. Now both girls were naked. Helen parted Nonye’s legs and crawled between them. She lowered her mouth between Nonye’s legs and kissed the inner thighs.

Nonye caressed Helen’s head and ran her fingers through her hair.

I watched in amazement as my niece made love to another girl. Helen eventually worked her way to Nonye’s pussy and began eating her girlfriend. Nonye had her head back and her eyes closed as Helen licked and sucked her clit. I picked up the pace stroking my dick and I knew that I would shoot at any minute.

I watched intently as Helen inserted her fingers in Nonye’s pussy and continued to eat the lovely lesbian. Helen quickly found Nonye’s G-spot and it didn’t take long after that before Nonye climaxed. Her body lifted off the floor and she held Helen’s head tightly to her vulva as she screamed in ecstasy.

“Oh, I’m cumming, yes, yes.”

Helen stayed fastened to Nonye’s pussy obviously drinking in every drop of love juice. Nonye reached down for her lover and pulled her up to kiss her. I watched intently as Nonye tasted herself on Helen’s lips.

My release was unexpected and I ejaculated shooting several streams onto the floor. I stroked my dick milking it dry but I still stayed hard. I watched as Nonye moved Helen into another position.

Helen was on her back with her knees pulled up to her chest. Nonye held onto the back of Helen’s legs as she lowered her mouth to Helen’s pussy. Nonye went to town licking the sweet pussy and plunging her tongue into it.

Helen’s legs were then hooked by Nonye’s arms as she reached around for Helen’s breasts. I watched as the girls went at it and not tenderly this time. It was raw sex and I saw all sorts of contortions on my niece’s face.

Nonye was not going to stop until Helen came again and cum Helen did. Her body twisted and turned and she cried out in passion.

“Like that?” Nonye asked.

“Unbelievable, I loved it”.

“Your turn again,” Nonye stated.

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