Fatima & her backdoor obsession [Part 6]

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Neither one of them could speak as the pleasure was so intense. Madu collapsed on Fatima and she wrapped her arms and legs even tighter around his body. He kissed Fatima’s neck and when he kissed her on the lips their tongues battled with each other’s briefly.

Not wanting to crush her, Madu rolled off Fatima as his dick softened and slipped from her cum filled cunt.

She closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh as she was exhausted and she, like Madu, was sexually satisfied.

Madu was sipping a glass of wine in Fatima’s parlour when she came into the room wearing a short black dress. She looked stunning.

“Where are you going all dressed up this evening?” Madu asked.

“I’m meeting my girls for dinner and I need to hurry. Did you forget that you were going to drive me there,” Fatima role played.

“Really, I’ll drive you alright and give you something to take to the girls,” Madu giggled.

The dress was above her knees, fit tightly and showed off Fatima’s curvy ass. Madu took in her shapely figure accentuated by the dress. He grabbed Fatima by the hand and pulled her into the garage and into the back seat of her car. He pushed her down on the back seat just as he had when he fucked her in her tennis outfit.

He felt his dick stiffen immediately and he pulled her skirt up above her hips.

“Stop it, stop it this instant. What do you think you’re doing,” Fatima screamed at him faking her annoyance.

“Like I said, I’m going to give you something to take with you,” Madu replied.

Fatima was looked incredibly sexy with her skirt pushed up to her waist. Madu then pulled her panties down. Fatima faked fighting but Madu kept her bent over on the car seat. Fatima moaned when she realized what he had in mind.

“No, please no, not in there, please don’t fuck me there again, not today, please,” Fatima grumbled faking her protest.

He was not to be denied in fact he got more excited as he thought about it. He rubbed his cream covered hand up and down his shaft a few times making it very slick. Then he moved his dick to Fatima’s ass and pushed ever so slowly.

Fatima gasped as the mushroom head cleared her ass cheeks and slipped into her. Fatima, by now, had been anal fucked many times by Madu so there was never any pain. Madu began fucking in and out watching his dick slide in and out of Fatima’s curvy ass.

She looked so vulnerable and so sexy with her dress up around her waist with her panties down. Her ass was framed by her clothing and Madu loved the look as he worked his dick in and out. Fatima just remained still on the car seat as she waited for the moment when he would cum in her ass again.

He was extremely turned on and he did not last long fucking Fatima’s ass. His balls tightened, his body stiffened and he plunged his dick all the way in. He fired ropes of cum deep into Fatima’s ass and filled it with his seed.

Fatima’s anal muscles moved of their own accord and milked Madu’s dick as it sprayed into her. Madu then eased his dick out and wiped it on her panties. Then he pulled Fatima’s panties back up and covered her cum filled ass.

Fatima was as horny as she had ever been and she couldn’t wait for him to fuck her again. When they went in the house, they went straight to her bedroom. Madu stripped down to his boxers. He walked up behind her and then led her over to the full length mirror in her bedroom.

He stood behind her as she faced the mirror and he wrapped his arms around her kissing her neck at the same time.

“We need to make love,” Madu whispered in her ear.

Madu then unfastened Fatima’s dress behind her neck and eased the top down and off her shoulders. The top of the dress drooped around her waist and Fatima felt like a woman on her honeymoon.

He caressed her shoulders raising goose bumps on her skin and Fatima was sure that he would remove her bra next but he didn’t. Madu dropped to his knees behind her and pulled her dress down to the floor.

He lifted one foot at a time so that Fatima stepped out of the dress entirely. He pushed the dress to one side leaving her standing in her shoes, panties and bra.

Madu then lifted one foot at a time and removed her shoes then he stood up behind Fatima and circled his arms around her cupping her bra encased breasts. Madu kissed her neck and tongued her ear sending chills through Fatima’s body.

Next he unsnapped her bra and slowly removed it from her body. Madu’s hands touched Fatima’s arms lightly as he peeled the bra straps down them.

Fatima’s nipples were rock hard and standing out aching to be touched and kissed.

He was enjoying the slow torturous seduction but Fatima was going crazy. Fatima then realized that her pussy was soaked wet. All of a sudden Fatima wished that he would stop tormenting her and just throw her on the bed and fuck her.

But he did not hurry; he took his time and continued the seductive foreplay. He finally removed her cum soaked panties. Fatima had not looked at herself fully naked in a while and now she was watching as her last item of clothing was removed from her body.

Madu left Fatima standing in front of the mirror looking at her body as he quickly stepped to the side out of view and removed his shorts. Then he came back into view and she caught a glimpse of his erection in the mirror. Madu stepped close behind Fatima again and took her in his arms.

His hands caressed her breasts and tweaked her nipples. Fatima felt his dick brush against her buttocks and then it found its way into the crack of her backside. Fatima tensed for a moment as she was not up for another round of anal sex.

“Madu, please don’t put it in my ass again right now. Just make love to me,” Fatima whispered playfully.

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