#TrendopeStories: Adanna’s encounter at the massage table

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Adanna Benson was lying in bed on a Monday morning and her husband Dr. Nduka Benson had just left for his office. She had pulled up her nightgown and she was caressing her breasts and her pussy as she recalled the events of the previous week. Nduka had attended a medical conference in the northern part of the country and of course Adanna tagged along.

They stayed at an all-inclusive resort and Nduka had gone the extra mile booking a private chamber complete with its own pool.

She was impressed with the accommodations and with the quality service. Nduka would attend the conference in the morning and meet with his colleagues through lunch. Once he returned from his meetings, he and Adanna would enjoy the amenities of the resort.

Each evening they would join the other doctors and spouses for dinner.

The conference ran Monday through Thursday but most of the attendees stayed at the resort through Saturday.

Adanna had returned to her home in Ikoyi, a changed woman. As she ran her hands over her body and teased her clitoris she recalled in vivid detail her seduction in the north. It started when she requested a massage in the privacy of the chamber. A very young strong handsome man arrived with a massage table and oils.

Adanna was still in her bikini from her dip in the plunge pool. The young man introduces himself as Ahmed as he set up the massage table.

“Madam, Would you like to take off your bikini or leave it on. I would prefer you take it off” Ahmed said in super nice clear British accent.

Oh my, I said to myself

Adanna remembered asking for a towel to cover herself to which Ahmed had told her,

“Oh, We don’t use towels here. We noticed it doesn’t make people feel comfortable, and we want you to have a full experience. You can trust me with your body”

This guy can have me for days, she said to herself, bottling up how excited she is about Ahmed, the good-looking, smooth speaking masseuse.

Not wanting to appear narrow-minded or offend Ahmed, Adanna had taken off her bikini and got up on the massage table. She had laid face down so that her pussy and breasts were not on display. She remembered Ahmed smiling as she got on her stomach and staring at her beautiful, round ass. Ahmed took some massage oil and began rubbing it into her shoulders and back.

she moaned as it felt good. This was the first time another man had ever touched Adanna but she was over her discomfort in seconds.

He worked magic with his hands as they moved all over her upper body and she became totally relaxed. He then moved his hands to her legs beginning with her feet and calves. She was relieved that Ahmed had bypassed her ass and focused on her legs.

He massaged her calves and then his hands moved higher to her thighs. He took his time with her thighs massaging one at a time and at times he came dangerously close to her pubic area but he never touched her pussy.

Then he put an ample amount of oil on his hands and massaged her buttocks. Adanna tensed at first and then relaxed as Ahmed massaged her ass. She was in a dreamy state when she felt his hand slid into the crack of her ass.

Then a strange thing happened to her as a tingle ran through her body. He never realized that her ass was so sensitive. Nduka had never played with her ass in their five years of marriage.

He had allowed his fingertip to brush her pussy. Her body twitched but not in alarm but in excitement.

She remembered her mind racing and confusion setting in. She knew he shouldn’t touch her there but she also enjoyed it. She knew she should tell him to stop but she remained quiet. Then she felt his finger poke her pussy once again and she remained still and quiet as he had his way with her pussy.

Ahmed had sensed her submissive state and he took it further.

He had eased his finger into her pussy little by little until his finger was buried in her pussy. Adanna remained still and allowed Ahmed to finger her, she felt tingles run through her body. Ahmed wormed his finger around in her private part and then he slowly removed it.

Adanna was in state of desire when Ahmed rolled her over on her back as he spoke, “Ma’am, I need to massage the other side,” she remembered his saying, pointing to her belly area, smiling at her.

She allowed herself to be turned over and she closed her eyes as Ahmed’s hands rubbed oil all over the front of her body. He began with her shoulders and neck and then descended to her breasts. Her nipples were hard as rocks when Ahmed massaged her breasts and rolled the extended nipples in his fingers.

Then his hands moved lower to her thighs skipping her hips and pelvic area. He massaged each leg separately lifting it to his shoulder and rubbing it all the way to her pussy. His hands would occasionally graze her pussy and Adanna would flinch in response. Once again she was in a state of desire and she felt the need to orgasm.

“Ma’am, would you like to cum?” He had whispered to her.

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