10 Shows Every Nigerian Wanted To Be On As A Kid

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    As a kid back in those days, our dream was to be on TV and become kid stars like the ones we saw back then.

    Or maybe just win cool stuff and be popular. But alas, dreams do not always come true.

    Here are some shows that we dreamt of being on back then

    1. Golden Rockazz

    Golden Rockazz was sponsored by Golden Morn and was a choreographed group dance competition designed for teenagers in secondary schools.



    2. The KKB Show

    The KKB show was a children’s programme that aims at promoting talents in kids and providing a platform for kids to express themselves and learn positive values.

    KKB Show



    3. Tales by Moonlight

    Tales by Moonlight was a reenactment of one our most cherished cultural traditions, that of story telling at sun set.

    4. Speak Out

    In the good old days of NTA, Speak Out was that TV show that had young minds arguing with well-prepared points for or against the motion at hand.


    5. Work It Out

    Whether or not you could solve Mathematics, everybody wanted to be on Work It Out. The gifts were so good we couldn’t ignore

    Can You Solve This Math Problem For 7-Year-Olds That Is Making Adults Go Crazy?


    6. Sunday Rendezvous

    Sunday Rendezvous has been likened to so many things, one of which has to be the Soul Train for Nigeria.



    7. Kiddie Vision 101

    Kiddie Vision 101 was one of those shows as well on the good old days of NTA. It had Kola Masha and Denrele Edun on the show amidst others.



    8. Last Kid Standing

    Milo’s Last Kid Standing was on Saturdays and one of our favourites.



    9. Binta and Friends

    Wale Adenuga’s ‘Binta and Friends’ was another fave



    10. I Need To Know

    I Need to Know was a Nigerian family-oriented television series aired on the NTA network. It starred Funke Akindele as Bisi and was sponsored by the United Nations Population Fund.

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