#TrendopeStories: Skirts go [Must Read]

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Jennifer hurried up the steps leading to Lanre’s apartment. She just couldn’t wait nor hold herself any longer. About thirty minutes had passed since she heard his voice on phone and yet it was still ringing in her head. She finally got upstair,faced his door and took a deep breathe. She was about knocking when the door swung open and a firm hand reached out and pulled her in.
“What took you so long?!”..she heard as she was pushed up against the wall and was looking into Lanre’s hungry eyes. He was stark naked and she could feel his erect dick poking at her navel. She couldn’t reply his question as she was taking in the sight of his god-like body. Six foot two of pure muscle and a nice nine-inch dick to go with it. She was addicted to him and she wasn’t about to go to rehab for it. Her boyfriend was as stale as can be in bed. Never lasted five minutes and never went for a second round. Lanre on the other hand was a beast,he was the one who had given her her first ever multiple orgasm. Any free time she had,she came for her regular fuck session,no strings attached. But today he had been the one to call and invite her.
And right now he had other things in mind and couldn’t wait. He was lifting her up and pulling her skirt up to her waistline. When he reached beneath to pull her panties too,his hands found none.
“You came all the way here with no panties?!”..Second question for the day.
“Yes” was the whisper-like reply. He stared at her and now it was his turn to see the hunger in her eyes and he had plans to quench it. He lifted her totally off the ground having his hands firmly placed under her ass. Jennifer wrapped her legs around his waist and had her hands around his neck. Her pussy was already dripping and Lanre felt a drop on his dick. This was his invitation,he dropped her down and hard on his dick and ripped her pussy apart. She let out a scream as he started fucking her up against the wall. He was hitting her pussy like a possessed man and grunting by her earlobes. This gave her an idea as she reached forward and bit his ears..
“The pussy if yours,fuck it as your like” She whispered by his ears. This seemed to drive him further and he started thrusting into her with anger. Her back was hitting the wall hard with each thrust. The pain and pleasure drove tears to her eyes and she buried her face on his shoulders and let her tears roll down. He wasn’t disturbed as he kept on fucking her like a whore. He squeezed her ass hard and raised her slowly off his dick. Without dropping her,he walked slowly across the living room and dropped her on the sofa. His hands had her legs wide apart as he knelt before her.
Jennifer covered her mouth with both hands as she felt his lips on her clits. He was kissing them slowly and passionately like they were her lips. He let his tongue out and swiped across her clits. Jennifer let out a moan and let her hands down to her boobs as they freed them of their bra prison. Her nipples were standing tall for a touch and she let her fingers get to work. Pulling and fondling her boobs as Lanre continue with his kiss and lick session with her clits. This was more than cloud nine.
Lanre placed two fingers on her pussy and spread them wide open till her pink interior was all bare then he buried his mouth on her and started eating her like the last supper, her hands dropped from her boobs as she started vibrating all around. She was moaning loudly now,talking incoherently. She could feel his long tongue deep in her pussy and she felt like she wasn’t on earth anymore. Lanre was eating her like no one had ever done. His thumb was rooted by his mouth rubbing what ever flesh he could feel. Just when he thought he should try and dig deep,she splash all over his face. She fell in a heap to the floor and he lay down just by her side watching her regain her senses. He had his hand on his dick and was stroking it absent-mindedly as he gazed at the ceiling.
She curled up closer to him and let her hand replace his. Stroking him faster than he was doing. She looked at his face and saw his eyes were closed giving her the satisfaction of doing a good job,she got up and placed herself right above his dick..she lowered herself gently onto him and took charge. The feeling of being in charge made her increase the tempo of fucking him.
“Ride that dick like a stallion,babe” ..His eyes had opened up and he was sitting up wrapping his arms round her waist. He started kissing her shoulders and her neck. Leaving a trail of kisses as he went between her boobs. She could feel her pussy responding again. She bit her lower lips as she felt a finger up her ass. This was too much for one human to bear..she was fucking his dick while his finger kept fuckin her ass at the same tempo. She couldn’t hold it much longer she gripped his arms tight as pussy was about milking his dick.
He knew she was about to kill him and he allowed her. He bit one of her nipples as they both came in a moment of heat and rush. She screamed out loud and dug her nails into his arm,she knew she’s leave scars but she didn’t care. She felt on his chest and stayed there while his sperm dripped out of her pussy..he didn’t move just let his hands roam around her bare ass. Only God knew how long they laid there,all she knew was something thick and hot was prying between her legs once again.

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