#TrendopeStories: Autumn leaves [Must Read]

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‘We can’t be together’…he whispered by her ears. He wasn’t really expecting a reply so wasn’t surprised she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply,her lips finding a common ground with his. He ran his hands down her thighs,letting them run behind to her ass and squeezing tightly through her jeans. He lifted up one of her legs to his side without letting their kiss break off. She broke off the kiss….

“But we are together now”..She said looking in his eyes. He could see the need in her eyes and was pretty darn sure there wasn’t a more beautiful face in the world. He kissed her forehead and held her hand as he led her to the bedroom. Several months of been apart had not diminished the bond and chemistry between them.\

“Abosede,I want you so much”..he said as he buried his mouth on her neck,kissing and sucking all over. He was always in control of himself,always. But with her,it was different,his heart was always pumping faster anytime he was with her like she was some sort of drug he was addicted to and couldn’t get enough. He let his hands into her jeans and cupped her ass once more,trying to be steady as he peeled her jeans along with her panties off her. She pulled his head off her neck and once more their lips made a connection only few in the world would ever understand. He was struggling for control and he knew she could feel it as his hands went to work on ther buttons of her shirt. He got them undone in record time and raced behind to unhook her bra. Having her completely naked,he pulled her close and let his hands once more spread out over her ass,making a statement. She moaned in his mouth as she could feel his erection through his shorts. He couldn’t tell how long they had kissed for but he knew it was a hell of a long time and they were just getting started. He knew his mouth was needed elsewhere so he gently started pushing her backwards till her legs hit the bed frame and she was slowly sitting down. Still kissing,he followed her down and knelt between her legs. She wrapped her hands around his neck as she darted her tongue into his mouth. He made his move,grabbing each of her thighs he flung them over his shoulders as he broke off the kiss. He kissed her throat as he started off a trail of kisses down her body. Taking his time when he kissed between her cleavage and on her navel.
“John”…She whispered as she looked down at him..
He didn’t reply her as he stared at her opening then reached forward and kissed her. He gripped her thighs tight as he began his onslaught. He kissed her clits deeply till he was sure it ws covered in his tongue’s wetness rather than hers. Then holding her clits open with his fingers,he dug his tongue deep into her. Her thighs tensed up around his head,fully covering his ears. He started lapping her up sucking her deep. There was always something about eating her pussy,each time she always tasted more and more inviting. He took his time,licking right through her. His ears were now totally shut to the world as her hands found a home on his head. She threw herself backwards spreading fully on the bed. He took his fingers off her clits and let his lips handle the duty,taking his hands upwards he took a nipple in each hand and started pulling on them as his mouth started making sloppy sounds between her thighs. Her thighs were vibrating around his head now and he knew something was up. He yanked his tongue out of her and started licking across her clits with as much speed as he could muster. He couldn’t hear her moans but he sure as hell could feel the bedsheet movement as she clawed and pulled at anything her hand could find. Then he stopped.
He got up and stood before her as he pulled off his shirt…his shorts and boxers came off next. His erect dick was out in the open and nodding. She loved him that was for certain but yet had never had the courage to touch that part of him. He knew that,he wanted her comfortable with all of him.
“Feel free,touch it”..he whispered. She waited before mustering courage and reaching forward,for the few seconds she held his dick in her hands..she knew she owned him and nothing in the world was going to change that. Then she let go..
He came down on her,kissing her furiously as their lips ignited that fire once more. She pulled him ontop of her as their naked body came together..she spread her legs apart and let him in between..he took his time rubbing his dick against her clits while their kiss dragged on. He thrust into her in one swift move and she pulled out of the kiss and moaned out loud. Her legs involuntarily locked up around his waist. He didn’t move…rather his tongue found spots to lick up behind her ear. She closed her eyes as she savoured the moment and waited for his movement inside her. He didn’t take long and he started thrusting into her slowly..taking his tongue off her ears to look at her face. She had ecstacy written all over her face and he could die a thousand times over for the view. He began to increase his pace,pounding into her with all the need he had saved up all these while. She was moaning and biting her lower lips as the pleasure took all over her,she needed something to do…she looked around,something to make her believe all these pleasure was real. She didn’t bother anymore,she pulled his face down to hers and went in for the kiss once more. Now she was in charge of dictating all these. His pace slowed down as her lips took all over him. He was hitting her slowly but now deeper..she needed something more,letting her hands roam around his naked body,she found his ribs and her her fingers play around there. He felt goosebumps all over and stopped..
“Stop,you are going to kill me”..he managed to say through the kiss.
“So you do have a weakness”..She said with a devilish smile playing on her lips.
“Don’t even think about it”…he laughed and kissed her neck.
He raised himself over her and rested on his elbows and he began to suck on her nipples which had been begging for his attention. He took his time kissing each nipple and sucking them occasionally stealing a bite on them. She was all his again till her hands were on his ribs again.
“Arrrgggh!” He scrowled as she laughed at his weakness.
Her laugher wasn’t for long though as he turned her over,her ass up in the air and her face pressed into the bed. He kissed behind her neck slowly down her spine to her wonderful ass. He spank her before grabbing both cheeks and squeezing hard. One hand on her head as he pressed her face further into the bed,his other hand guiding his dick into her from behind. This time he didn’t take it slow. He was fucking her as hard and fast as he could. He took his hand off her head and grabbed her hips to steady his thrusts into her. Her head came up as she was moaning between slurred words. He closed his eyes as her pussy took all over him..
“John,John”…..he heard a whisper or what It a moan? He didn’t care…he went deeper as he buried himself inside her and spilled. He groaned and he held onto her hips tightly for support as he did so. He couldn’t trust himself to stay alive.
He fell on her,she turned over…their legs interwining his face buried in her neck,her arms wrapped round his waist,his shrinking dick on one of her thighs…her hands went back to his ribs..he laughed on her neck.
“You know I love you,you know”
“I know,I do”..was her reply
And it was the truth..they both knew it..

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