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“She can send someone message for Africa sha” Dupe grumbled as she made her way to the next house. Her step-mum would pass for a hostel Matron with the way she sent her on petite errands. Dupe frowned her face as she started praying her dad would just come back from his holiday sooner. If he was around,her stepmum always found it hard to ‘misbehave’ in her own terms. Now she was sending her to call the hairdresser who lived next door to come make her hair. Why couldn’t the witch just stroll to the lady’s house or shop,Dupe thought angrily.
Dupe entered the next compound,the frown still plastered on her face. She ignored the attempt of Emeka who tried to greet her as she started making her way to the back quarters where the hairdresser lived. She knew why Emeka always greeted her like she was queen Elizabeth or something,she had an ass that would put Nicki Minaj to shame and her boobs were firm as ever. To cap it all off,she was only 21. All the guys in the area were too scared to shy to talk to her,only Emeka always made an attempt to even greet her and she always snubbed him. And today she only has a shirt on a bumshort she usually wore indoors but her stepmum’s insistent errands this morning hadn’t given her a chance to change. Oh well…
She got to her destination and was about to rap a knock on the door when she heard a sound that was more like a grunt. She paused and listened again,she heard the grunt again but this time a moan followed it. And it sure was coming from within,Dupe withdrew her hand immediatly. Her mind started racing,her head told her to head back home but then again she had never been known to make good decisions. She thought fast and decided to walk round the house..four,five steps and she found a window. Measuring her steps she took a side look in through the window praying her shadow wouldn’t reflect in. Luckily for her the occupants were too engrossed in what they were doing that they didn’t notice a thing. There was the hairdresser on the floor,her legs thrown up in the air and a pretty huge man pounding into her..the man was quite hairy and his buttocks squeezing together as he kept thrusting into her with real fury. Her hands were all over his back as she kept urging him on. Her moans got louder with each thrust.
Dupe watched for a few more minutes and decided to leave..she could already feel the wetness between her thighs. She should just head home and rub her clits off. She was about turning away when she noticed the man getting up. Something caught her interest,she really couldn’t pinpoint it so she decided to wait and see. That was it..her eyes caught sight of the man’s dick and she was hooked. Massive would be an understatement in this situation..she could now fully understand why the hairdresser’s moans got louder with each thrust. Dicks like this could be used as abortion tools.. She watched on as the man bent the hairdresser and had her on all fours. Holding onto her hips,he went into her forcefully and without remorse started fucking her eyeballs out. This time there was no moaning,strictly screaming. Dupe didn’t know when her hands found their way into her shorts and panties…neither did she notice Emeka who had been standing behind her for a while. As the man’s dick dug deeper into the hairdresser so did her finger rub harder on her clits.
Emeka was hard as a rock at the scene playing out infront of him. Here was the crown jewel of the street peeping at people fucking and wanking to it. What he should do,he knew but was still scared at the thought. One false move and that was the end. He had to be fast and sharp..he slowly pulled his shorts n boxers down,Dupe had her back to him and her ass was staring right at him. The ass that had tormented his dreams all this while. He took two steps foward.
Dupe kept on with her fingers on her clits,hard as she rubbed and tried,she wasn’t any closer to orgasm..neither did any of the two participants she was watching. She was lost in dreamland when she suddenly felt a hand over her mouth,she couldn’t scream or breathe as she felt her shorts been pulled down and something go through her legs. She tried to force out a scream but all that came out was a moan. Her legs shook as she felt the full force of the dick that went through her pussy lips. This wasn’t a dick,it was a wood!..huge and hard as anything else she had ever felt.
Emeka firmly had his dick in her,he start jerking into her slowly..unsure if she was feeling it or she was still going to scream and run..his mind told him she’d do the later. So,he decided to make the best of the situation..at least if he was going to be arrested as a rapist,it had better be worth it. He started hitting her fast and hard,loving the looking of his dick as he went in and out of her. Her ass bounced erotically as he moved further,the urge to spank her was great so great that he lost himself and took his hands off her mouth and spanked her hard. His immediate thoughts was she was going to scream and push him away..
“Spank me harder!” Was the moan/command he got..he could believe his luck. He started hitting her harder..thrusting his dick all the way.
Dupe’s eyes were half-closed but as she she looked up,she could make out man inside grabbing onto the hairdresser’s boobs as he started grunting. It was obvious he was about to cum. He hit it in four more times before he pulled out and turned the hairdresser over..he started jerking off as he came with a loud grunt spilling all over the hairdresser’s boobs and stomach. Dupe was lost..the sight of the man jacking off on the hairdresser’s body brought her to the fore. His dickcap was so enticing. She came with a huge vibration that went throught everypart of her body as she let out a scream..her legs suddenly went numb and she was falling off.
Emeka saw this and held her hips steady as he buried himself deep inside her and didn’t pull out as he dumped his load inside her. Her orgasm had her pussy gripping his dick for life and he couldn’t hold it any longer. He started making his way back to life as he buried his face behind her neck. He was breathing heavily,was about falling asleep when she pushed him off and faced him. As he opened his mouth to utter a word,he was met with a resounding slap. He stared angrily at her,thinking about what to do when she just pulled her panties and shorts back up and walked away.
Dupe turned round the house and was about passing across the doorway when she saw the hairdresser standing there with a towel wrapped around her from her boobs down to just below her cum-filled pussy. She stared at Dupe for a while and smiled..
“Mummy sent you to call me abi?,tell her I have a busy morning and would be free by late afternoon”
Dupe couldn’t speak but just nod and smile back as she made her way home. This was one hell of her errand as she started thinking of the damage Emeka’s dick had done to her. If he could keep his mouth shut,maybe they would have a rematch…just maybe

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