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Lol,sorry this isn’t really an article just a thought I’d like to share with you all. Was gisting with some of my buddies a while ago and the issue of giving a lady head came up. A dude was like he can never go down on a pussy but the point is he loves getting his dick up in some warm mouth. So now the issue is why get something you can’t give?

My Opinion:

First complain guys that don’t give head say is..her pussy smells pretty bad. Seriously,if her pussy does smell that bad,how can you fuck it? Except its a quickie,I don’t see any reason why head shouldn’t be included in the scheme of things. Besides if she can get down on your dick which is usually up in some tight boxers with no air,I don’t see why you shouldn’t seize your breathe and go down on her pussy too! Like seriously,you haven’t had sex to the fullest until you have had a lady’s hands or thighs gripping your head while you are down on her. And truth be told a dick doesn’t solve the whole problem. Some ladies do need a tongue to cum to reality. Which is why the rate of Bi-sexuals is on the rise.
Ladies,its understandable if you are shy or not good at sucking a dick..but a little tip,please do not involve your teeth in the affair. No guy loves having his dick scratched! Just let your tongue guide you. A little saliva won’t hurt either.
And dear Ladies that wanna enjoy getting a tongue all up in your pussies…please do clean up and make sure its all nice and inviting. The cleaner your pussy is,the longer a guy is likely to stay down on you.
One good head deserves another. If he/she isn’t going to give,then make sure he/she doesn’t get!

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