#TrendopeStories: The Tease [Must Read]

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He stared at this picture on his phone again and clamped his thighs together else his bulge would be large enough for the driver to notice through the mirror. He loosened his tie and flung it on the seat beside him. Something told him that he was going to likely forget it in the Uber cab but right now he did not care for silly ties. All he wanted to do right now was to have his dick up Sandra’s pussy. He could not help but look at the picture again. Her cum was still dripping down the side of the vibrator when she took the picture and it was all shiny. Fuck her! He cursed under his breathe, what was she thinking sending that to him when she knew he had an important presentation today. Thank God he had seen the picture after he had finished up with the presentation and not before.

He doubt if he would have been able to carry out the presentation if he had seen the picture prior. He put a hand down and rubbed his dick through his pants. He could feel some pre cum and was ready to take a bet that there was a wet patch on his trouser. He did not want to check or feel it, it was of little bother. He would be done with it sooner than later. The Uber turned into the street where Sandra lived and Lanre adjusted uneasily where he was seated. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom. He held it tight in a fist and closed his eyes. He tried to calm himself and not get too excited. He did not want to have rushed down here just to bust a nut in minutes. He was planning to enjoy the rest of the day with her. The car had barely stopped in front of house number 10 that he jumped out of the car. The trip bill would be charged to his account so he had no business with the driver. And as expected he had forgotten his tie. He thought about it and quickly decided Sandra’s pussy was much more important than running back and getting his tie, that was if the driver had not driven off already. He got to her door in record time and was panting when he rapped out a series of knocks on her door. He closed his eyes once more and tried again to calm himself. He opened his eyes and gave out the knocks again then got to undoing his belt buckle. His dick sprang out like it had been looking for a means of escape all it’s life. He smiled like a proud father then he heard keys been turned behind the door and he hurriedly tore off the condom foil. His dick was half way covered when the door swung open and he looked up to see Sandra standing there with a towel wrapped all around her. She was one hell of a beautiful lady with her curves as perfect as could be. Her breast were not on the large side but one thing about them, they were so firm that she often did not need to have a bra on. Then there was her hips that match perfectly with the amazing ass she had behind. And to top it off, she was tall. A little under six feet.

“Oh, I thought you were not interested when I did not get a reply to my message”. She smiled seductively at him.

Oh, she was definitely going to get a reply, he said to himself as he marched inside with his erect dick leading the way. She moved aside for him to go through only for him to walk in and stand behind her. She thought nothing of it and proceeded to lock the door when she felt the towel been pulled off her body. Before she could turn to know what he was going to do to her, she felt his hands on her hips pulling her ass closer to him. His dick was rubbing against her asshole but she knew that was not going to be his first point of call. He called at her pussy sooner than she expected, he drove into her with such force that she jacked up against the door and had to grab the knob for some form of stability. He closed the space between them so much so that his mouth was right by her ear lobe and she could feel and hear his deep breaths and he fucked her fast. He kissed behind her ear and playfully bit her.

“This is what you want, isn’t it?” he whispered by her ear.

She could not answer, all she could do was moan and nod in return. She backed up her ass and grind as much as she could against his pelvis. Just when they had settled into a rhythm, she felt his hands get tighter on her hips and he groaned out loud as he shot his cum right into the condom. She squeezed he pussy walls around his dick as tight as she could, milking him for all he had got. Then he slipped out of her. He staggered back a few steps while she stood upright and locked up the door. Then she turned around to look at him as he was pulling the sperm filled condom off his dick. She did not bother about picking up the towel on the floor. It was not going to be needed anyway.

“Don’t tell me you are going to let my vibrator have the day”. she teased him.

“Oh, your vibrator can not give you what is about to come next”. he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her close. In one swift move, he grabbed her and threw her over his shoulders. Then he marched off to her bedroom, as she giggled up in the air as he reached and spanked her ass. They got to the room and he flung her on the bed. He then got down and pulled her thighs close. The scent of her pussy hit his nose as it got closer to him and he loved it. He had her all eagle spread on the bed and her pussy was right in front of his mouth. He smiled and thought of how much he loved eating her up. He kissed her pussy deeply like he would kiss her lips. She was quiet now and was pulling her legs together till they were right on his shoulders with his head in the middle.

Then he went to work, he let his teeth graze her pussy lips as his tongue went into her. Before she could react to the nibbling pain, she felt his tongue reach deep inside her and soothe the pain. She let one hand reach for his bald head and rubbed on it. Her other hand was busy squeezing up her right breast and tugging on the nipple. Now she could feel his whole mouth trying to swallow her pussy, she thrashed about and both hands got themselves free looking around for anything she could hold onto as the sensation hit her. Then once again, he brought her down to earth with his tongue massaging her pussy walls. Both her hands went to work now on her breast, massaging and squeezing them as hard as they could. She was about cumming and she wanted him to feel her wrath so she tightened her legs around his head as hard as she could and both hands on his head this time. He knew what she was up to but he did not mind as orgasm took center stage and watered up his face. As with all her orgasms, she could not scream or moan out loud. Not for lack of trying, she did have her mouth open but no sound came out. As it went on, her grip around Lanre’s head loosened and he was able to look up, his face all shiny. But as he looked up, right there on her bed side stand was her vibrator staring at him. The bloody thing was not even as huge as his dick, he was livid and rage took over. He threw Sandra’s legs off his shoulders and held them wide apart. He had never fucked her without a condom but the anger and the ache in his dick did not leave room to think about that as he slammed his dick into her dripping pussy. This time she did scream out and raised her hands up in the air. He did not care as he started thrusting fast and hard into her. Her hands came down and rested on his arms with her fingers digging in his flesh. He really did not mind, the skin to skin connection between her pussy and his dick was something that could not be explained with words. He looked down at her and could see her looking back at him albeit with half closed eyes and lust written all over them. She wanted to wrap her legs around his waist but he held her and threw the legs to one side making her lie on her side as he kept fucking her. He spanked her ass and grabbed a handful in the process. Now her eyes were fully closed. He never wanted her to put the vibrator to work, now she understood why. He bent down and buried his face by her neck as he grunted and came all inside her. She did not mind and right now he was past caring as he emptied himself into her. Then he fell right by her side, trying to catch his breathe. She rolled over, coming to rest her head on his chest, hearing his heart beat. She looked up at the ceiling and then the vibrator again.

There it was, the motivator.

He smiled.


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