#TrendopeStories: That quickie [Must Read]

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He slammed the door and locked it hurriedly as she walked in. He grabbed her by the ass and pulled her close..

“You are one huge seductress”..he muttered as he sniffed her neck before running his tongue all up it. She shuddered as his tongue hit behind her ear,she grabbed his arms and let her fingernails dig into him. She closed her eyes as he licked and sucked behind her ears n cupped her ass harder. His hands were raising her skirt over her ass and pulling her lacy panties together. His index finger strolled down between her ass crack as she moaned by his ear. She grabbed his neck and buried his lips in hers with a kiss that could bring down the house. He couldn’t take it anymore. She had tormented hims all through the board meeting and considering this was the male restroom,he knew he had quite limited time before someone came knocking.

He turned her around,placing her hands on the wash-hand basin. She looked up at the mirror there and bit her lower lips as she heard the sound of his belt buckle coming off. She raised one hand and undid her shirt buttons,pulling one of her erect nipples out of her bra and twerking it. She was all enjoying this motion till she felt her legs been spread a little apart and she could feel his dickhead rubbing against her wetness.

Her panties had been pulled to the side. She closed her eyes once more and went back to playing with her nipples,was just getting in the groove when he went in deep into her. She let out a scream as she left her nipple and let both hands grip the wash hand basin for proper support. He was fucking her like a monster and she encouraged him with her pornstar-like moans..He spanked her ass and looked up in the mirror to see her reaction and all he could see were half-closed eyes and an open mouth.

He could see her shiny erect nipple out in the open. He let his hands off her hips and grabbed her boobs from behind leaning backwards to steady their posture. He didn’t reduce the level of his thrusts into her. Her pussy kept gripping his dick with each thrust as if daring it to go deeper and deeper he went.

She reached a hand below and started rubbing her clits furiously,she knew he was going to cum soon and this was fuck wasn’t going to waste without her reaching maximum orgasm. He had other ideas of his own and before she could blink,he pulled out of her. Spurned her around till she was facing him,he planted a deep wet kiss on her lips that left her breathless as he squeezed her ass once more.

He lift her slightly and sat he down on the wash-hand basin…her legs spread apart,he got between them and dug deep into her once more..she wrapped her legs round his waist as she held him tighter..her nails putting up marks all over his neck.. She could feel her orgasm building up as he was reaching his peak and groaning. He reached down to kiss her neck in time just to hear her mutter…
“I,I,’I’mmmm cccummming”..She moaned..

That threw him over the edge as he blew everything he had into her. Didn’t even feel the pain of her nails and she dug into his skin and screamed out her release. She pulled him close and bit his ear…he pinched her butt in return.
Just then a knock came on the door…
“Mr Balogun,the chairman wants to see you”…

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