#TrendopeStories: Pastor’s Daughter [Part 3]

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I and Victoria were at it that Sunday evening.
Right there on my bed while my parents were in the living room. I had my hands under her skirt already and was reaching for her crotch with my fingers. I’m sure she wore that flail skirt so that access into the “promise land” wouldn’t be a problem.
Her skin was smooth and soft as I caressed her, she had removed her blouse and I was faced with her lovely boobs. Her pink flowerey bra held them firmly on her chest and it was the cutest sight ever to me at that time. I was a bit shaky as I touched her boobs, my heart was pounding, I was sexually excited and scared at the same time.

I had experienced many s*xcapades with Chioma but she was a maid. The lady that laid beside me almost n*de and had me sucking at her nipples then was Victoria Ogunsele, Pastor Dayo Ogunsele’s daughter. If my Mom had been the type of person to barge into my room unannounced, I was quite sure fornication was the least of the crimes she would charge me with.

I realized my door wasn’t even locked while, Vickie was already dragging down my trousers and reaching in to handle me. The feel of her hands on my foreskin made me forget all about locking the door. She was massaging me as I lay beside her while we still kissed.

The desire had reached a place where an orgasm was necessary to quench the s*xual hunger we both had. I had managed to find a finger into Vickie’s P** and was delicately fondling her while she moaned louder than before. My heart still beat with fear that we might get caught if she didn’t calm it down a little but I didn’t relent from fondling her, I even did it faster to make her moan even more.

The sound of her wailing was good music to my ears and even enraged my sensatn and made me throb harder and harder.

Vickie then told me to “put it in…put it in now”
I knew the time was ready for the action to begin, just before I went ahead, I remembered the whole pregnancy affair that had happened with Chioma and knew that I had to prevent such a thing from happening again.

Fortunately. I had bought Gold Circle from Pharmacy very far away from where we lived (just so I wouldn’t get recognized) and I’d hid it under my bed. I brought out one, tore off the wrap and put it on as Vickie lay there, looking at me.

Her eyes widened when she realized the full spectacle of me and I went on ahead and asked her a stupid question when I saw that.
“Is it too big?” she chuckled and said no then she told me to come and………..

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