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You might really need to excuse or forgive any typo you might encounter in this article but then again fuck it..I am high after visiting Iya Niyi for some cray Jedi(if u get what I mean) and waiting on Chelsea to kick some ass tonight. Oh sorry,I forgot to mention I bleed blue from the get-go. Lol,let’s skip the football fanatics for now and get down to this. I decided to pen down one of my wildest personal experience from the perspective of an outsider. Shit cray? Yeah I know..

Fuck this,how often I showed up late at appointment and sturvs but then again this was a party..a party for crying out loud. Bayo had promised lots of alcohol and ladies to flirt with. He knew I was a jester,like getting in their head..never taken anything that serious..sex was sex,head was head. I checked my phone again for any update as the cab closed in on my destination. No pings or twitter mentions,all good. Pocketed my phone as my bustop was called out..
“O wa o” came my reply…my voice had this weird husk tone at the end. You couldn’t tell if I was a tout or just your next door friendly neighbour. Whatever I never care about it. I paid my fare as the car pulled up..no bother about change. A hundred bucks it was,a hundred bucks I paid. Got off,looked down at my kicks..bit dusty but still presentable. One right hand in a pocket and I started making the short stroll to the supposed party venue(which was actually Bayo’s crib)..the plate of hot eba I had downed about an hour ago had finally settled. Great,didn’t want to go drinking on an empty stomach. Two buildings away from my destination and no music blasting or shit. Party never start ni abi e don end? I heaved and sighed in my usual manner and made my way to Bayo’s gate..pushed it and went in.
Ok fuckup number one,party seems to have ended abruptly or what because the compound was littered with red beach cups,bottles of red label,sky vodka,ivanov,packs of cranberry and lots more. Way to go,Dotun…way to go. You don miss. I squeezed my lips and shook my head as I enter Bayo’s apartment. One leg in and….
“Dotman! mi toh sure! Omo why you just ey land?” Bayo came out of nowhere shirtless with just a jean hanging feebly on his hips,a lady was right behind him..her skirt almost rolled up to her waist. Sharp guy.
“Omo I bin get one small parole take care off ni…I don miss gan o..I see as una scatter compound..but why party end early na? Time na just seven thirty”..I pushed.
“Na my Landlady dy complain ni,when boys don dy misbehave. So I just reason say make we move the parole go 411”..
“Oo ok but idiot,na you be celebrant,u never suppose go arrange floor ni”..I shook my head.
“Yomi don go with them go sort things. I just wan shower change clothe make I move too”..he adjusted his jean which was really falling off.
“Enter parlour,chill make I run shower make we dy move. Damie sef dey wait for me”..
I didn’t reply..just walked to his living room. Let him go fuck what he wants to fuck and let’s move.
And seated right there in the living room was Damie in the midst of three really hot ladies and from the way they were giggling he was obviously chatting them up pretty good.
“Baba ooo!” He shouted when he saw me. He had obviously had his own fair of the bottles outside.
“Boss mi,how things na?” I hailed back..shook his hand and took a seat on a sofa right opposite him and his company.
“Baba,I just gentle o. Na ur face we dy look. You late small o wey we don dy expect you since”
“Small issues to take care of ni”…
“Wives,that’s my chairman oo” he faced his ladies now..”this one,gbogbo control..the smartest dude I know”..the ladies were all smiles and giggling now. Nice introductin but truth is I am probably the smartest dude he has ever met (not bragging).
Just as I was about to say something,the lights went off and we were left in total darkness.
“And I tell Bayo oo say make he leave this light for gen,he no dey hear word”..Damie groaned out as a flashlight came on.
“Everyone chill,make I sharply put on the gen” came Bayo’s voice from the corridor I had come in through.
“You dy craze,I no tell you before say Nepa no dy ever get sense?”..Damie spilled out. I laughed as I stood up and made my way outside leaving Damie and his ladies. If he was half as fast as I thought he was,one of his hands would be on some ass right now.
I made my way round the house heading to where I knew Bayo had his generator..he was bent over trying to fix something. He stood up and pulled,no response..again and again.
“Idiot,no be shower u wan go shower? U go dy fuck”..I said as I noticed he still had only his jean trouser on”
“Omo,dotman..that girl na crazy one one. When people still dey here,we dey dance,she dey give me handjob. And you con expect make I no sharply fuck am?”
I just shook my head and told him to get his gen on and let’s move. After seeing he was obviously not in the right shape to get the gen on. I took over and after four,five attempts..the bloody thing came on. I couldn’t feel my arm as we walked back inside the house. I was still massaging my arm when we got in and the scene in the living was like one from an American pie movie. One of the ladies was kneeling between between Damie’s legs sucking his big dick off. The other two ladies were giggling and cheering her on. The other lady I had seen earlier with Bayo was in the living room now seated one the sofa I had previously occupied. Her hand was underneath her chin with a huge smile plastered right across her face..she was obviously enjoying the show before her. Bayo was walking straight towards her. She looked up and said …
“Your friend’s crazy,he dared her ni o”
No wonder..always expect the crazy from Damie when he’s drunk. Right now his eyes were closed and a hand had found home one the lady’s head. She was really skilled sucking him off. She’s spit on his dick,stroke it hard then deep throat before sucking proper. Shit I was getting hard just watching live porn that I had to find another sofa close to the corridor to sit on. I sat and stretched out my legs taking in the scence before me properly. Bayo had gotten his lady to sit on his laps and I could see one of his hand was right between her thighs. Judging by the look on her face. She was having difficulty concetrating on Damie and his show. The other two ladies were still cheering though now at a reduced rate. The people were all fucking drunk and horny and I was only one of the two. To make things even,I slowly stood up trying not to make a sound to disturb the flow. Found my way to the kitchen to run around if I could get something to drink. I didn’t need to look further because right there on the cabinet was a bottle of magic moments vodka. I grabbed it,someone must have forgotten it here because it was already opened. I picked a cup and filled it up..walked back to the action center bottle in hand,cup in the other. Now the scene had changed and was cray..
The lady was still stuck sucking the nuts out of Damie’s dick but now one of the other lady had climbed over his face and was grinding her pussy on his mouth. His hands had found a better home on her ass. Her skirt had been pulled right over her waist and damn did she have some ass. The third lady was sitting right beside them,one hand buried deep in her pants rubbing her already throbbing pussy. On the other side,Bayo and his lady were already fucking hard. She was riding his dick and moaning out obscenities…”Baby,my pussy…do you love it?”..”Suck my nipples,grab my boobs”..who wouldn’t love your pussy? I thought to myself as I gulped down some vodka and made my way to the lady playing with herself. She looked up as I approached obviously confused as to what I wanted to do. Drink or fuck her brains out?..I smiled and knelt down before her. Put the bottle and cup to one side as I took her hand out of her panties then she smiled at me when her legs were spread out over each of my shoulders. I gently ran my tongue right across her clits which were wet as fuck. I ran it across again as I got a moan out of her. I kissed her fully on the pussy,she smelt good. Obviously took care of her pussy,this was my day..been quite a while I had gotten a pussy so tempting. My tongue led my body as it went treasure hunting straight between her pussy lips..I had my upper lips covering her up as I began to suck and eat her up. Her hand on my head told me I was doing a good job. I pulled out,spat on her pussy and dug back in..sucked in deep into her like my life had a bet on it. Now her fingernails were grazing my hair.
I raise my face,looked at her face which had the closed-eyes-i-am-in-heaven look on. I grabbed the vodka bottle and took a brief glance round the room once again..Damie had his lady on all fours as he was fucking her like a possessed human while she had her face up in another lady’s pussy. She was trying to eat up the pussy but the sheer force of Damie fucking her up from behind was too much and she was actually screaming against the pussy she was meant to be eating up..”Oh God,”..”Fuck me!!!”…”Spank my ass please”..immediately this came out of her mouth,Damie slapped her ass so hard I could feel the vibration from where I was. She screamed and kept asking for more. Other side,Bayo and his babe were up against the wall..her two legs wrapped around his waist as he was also fucking like a man on drugs!fuck! What had this guys drank before I got here..she was moaning in low tones obviously couldn’t scream any longer.
I turned back to the pussy before me..kiss it slowly as I would kiss some luscious lips then I proceeded to spill some vodka on it. She screamed out but that was forgotten as I buried my mouth on the liquid running down her pussy and started licking it all up. Once I got back to her clits..I sucked and delved into her pussy once more. I could feel her thighs vibrating on my shoulders,I picked up the bottle and poured in on her navel this time and let it run down to her pussy..by the time my tongue got to work,she had thrown her legs off my shoulders and dug her index fingers into my ears. My head was blowing smoke as a coal train. Her fingers stuck deep into my ears but that didn’t stop me from achieving my goal as I bit on her clits as I suck it..she came like a fountain..her fingers left my ears immediately as she trashed around screaming and vibrating. She had spilled on my face but I didn’t mind. There was nothing quite as crazy as watching a lady reach full orgasm.
As she was getting herself together..I whipped my aching dick out..I had been in pains all along but ignored junior. I raised myself up a little,grabbed her legs once more..pulled them together and started rubbing my dickhead on her clits..I bent lower to kiss between her boobs which she had gotten out of her blouse and bra for me to explore. I kissed and sucked each nipple like a toddler while I kept rubbing my dickhead against her. And without warning I thrust into her,Christ she was so tight I almost came. She let out a scream but I didn’t care..I knew I wasn’t going to last in such a tight wet pussy such as this. I started to fuck her mercilessly. Each time her legs threatened to fall off my shoulders,I would grab and throw them back in place. I grabbed a nipple between my finger and was twisting and pulling it…
“You are killing me! Please”!!
” Oh my God”..she cried out
Fuck I was the one groaning now,I pulled out of her quick and sat flat on the floor trying to catch my breathe. This was crazy..took a few seconds before I realised she was on the floor too. I managed to look up and saw her grabbing the bottle of vodka. Well yeah baby,you deserve a drink..I thought to myself as I tried to relax and let my cum buildup subside. I was so in trouble as I felt something on and burning on my dick..I jerked up and saw the lady trying to take my dick in a mouth half filled with vodka. She was going to have her revenge because I was helpless as all I could do was close my eyes and look up to the ceiling. She was sucking my dick as a paid professional would. It was burning hot and yet I liked and wanted more of it. I was going to cum any time soon when I heard..
“Cum in my mouth please”..she had a wet hand on my dick jerking hard and fast now with a open mouth right about my dick. Before I could process what was infront of me,my disobedient dick rained out cum..some straight into her mouth,other splattered across her face. She took me into her mouth once more and sucked me dry. I just crashed back to the floor. I was done for,she cuddled right beside me and buried her face by my neck..
“You fuck good” She whispered..I had not lasted as Damie or Bayo but I was sure with that orgasm of hers,she didn’t care. Speaking of Damie and Bayo,I raised my head up and looked around the room. Damie had crashed in the midst of the two ladies,legs tangled everywhere. Looked at Bayo’s corner just intime to receive a thumbs up from him as he took his head back to between his girl’s boobs to sleep. I smiled and shook my head and just to kill the atmosphere,I said…
“Guy,go shower o..we don late for your party oo!!!”

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