#TrendopeStories: Her Body, I worship [Must Read]

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Stressful day on the streets once again
Cash not flowing in as expected..
I should be tired but as I get to the door and think about you,I can feel a rush of adrenaline flowing all through my veins.
I smile as I opened the door and step in..The scent that hits my nose strengthens me…
Saw you standing before the mirror..
Your back view has always been a turn-on
And right now you had only a towel on..and that was still doing a poor job of hiding the curves of your ass
Obviously just had your late night shower..
I could feel the bulge growing in my boxers…
I walked up behind,wrapped my arms around ur waist. Shhh don’t talk as I bury my head in your hair and forget about my worries…
I let one of my hands drop to the hem of ur towel which is waist-length. I rub your smooth firm thighs. Shuffle your hair with my face. I nudge your legs apart a little. Cover ur pussy wit my palm….
I bring my face out of your hair..
Let my tongue out and lick behind your ear
I lick down to the base of your neck..
I look in d mirror and can see you biting ur lips softly..your eyes closed
I kiss your shoulder as I spread my palm out n pull on your clits.
I hear you moan lowly..I kiss you neck as you throw your head a lil backward,your hair all over my shoulder…
I slide a finger into you now as I hear you scream out a lil..you jerk backwards rubbing your ass against my erection begging to be free…
I increase the pace of my finger going in and out of you..you are moanin out loud now…..
I let my free hand got to the knot of your towel and untie it..let it drop to the ground exposing ur lovely boobs with the erect nipples. I fiddle wit the nipples,squeeze the boobs and can feel you bending backwards more and more.
I look in the mirror once more and see your eyes are fully closed…you are grabbing your other boobs and squeezing..so so wanna taste you……
I turn you around and kiss you on your lips..nibbling on your lower lips..gentle moving you over to the side of the bed..sitting you down on it..still engagin your luscious lips in a kiss..
My hand still busy btw your thighs,so sticky and warm..I pull my my finger out..stop kissing you..stare at your face for a while then go down between your legs…I feel you shivering as I kiss your pussy opening..
I slot my tongue in between ur clits and feel your warmth..I go in deeper tasting your vineyard..I can feel your thighs closin in on my head..holding me tite..my ears are blocked and can no longer hear your loud moans..
Licking up all across your pussy walls..and can feel you now convulsin..can taste you cumming.
I pull out of you and watch you as you fall back on d bed shaking as you start dripping out..
Your moans-breathtaking..
I look down at my erection about to tear through my trousers and walk to the bathroom…….

I undo my belt buckle..pull my trousers off..kicking it off,I can felt a huge sense of relief. My dick hard as a rock as I pull it out of my boxers..looking down at the monster.
I take the rest of my clothing off and step underneath the shower and let the water run all over my body. Eyes closed as I lean against the wall.
I didn’t notice you coming into the bathroom. All I felt was your nipples against my back and a hand wrapping around my dick..I can’t help but groan a little..I feel your tongue on my spine…can’t take this I think to myself and you start stroking me.
I turn around to face you,shower still running over us…you take this as your cue as you go on your kneels and kiss my dickcap..I raise my head up into the water as I bury my hands in your hair..I can feel your breathe on my dick and I think I am going to have to beg for a feel of your mouth.
Just as I open my to beg you,I feel your lips wrapping around my dick..I feel like I am thrusting into an abyss..heaven can’t be better than this..warm mouth on my dick,this is killing. I groaned out as you start working your mouth on my dick. Your tongue lapping at my balls each time you thrust forward..and I can only think of one thing at this point.
I place my hands by the side of your lovely face and position slowly as I start fucking your mouth..the warmth,the wetness..like no other..I could feel my balls tightening up and I knew I was gonna let loose soon if I wasn’t careful. I pull my dick out and collapse on the bathroom floor.
I can feel you crawling up to me,I reach forth and wrap my arms around you and I nibble on your ear and bury my face in the comfort of your neck..your hands wander around till they find my nipples and you started playing with them..I am enjoying this till I am reminded about my aching dick..
I stand up and pull you along with me,turn you around,spread ur thighs wit my knee..I bend you over a lil..part your ass cheeks with my hands as I start slidin my hardness into your wetness.. I could hear you moan and push out ass out towards me. I go fully into your tight pussy and staying there not moving…
Then I start thrusting back and forth slowly but I can’t help it as you start moaning out loud and begging me to go faster. I begin pounding you faster and harder..grabbin and squeezing your round soft ass at intervals…I close my eyes as I keep hitting you from behind and all I can hear are your moans..begging and tellin me you are cumming.
I can feel your pussy gripping my dick tight and your cum bathing it..I love the feeling and wanna lose myself..but I stretch forward to hold onto to your full breast and squeeze them as I start cumming in you..I start spilling all in you..can’t help but lean and kiss your spine as we collapse on the bathroom floor wet as can be..
I kiss your lips one more time as we let the water flow..

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