#TrendopeStories: Seun; My Boss’s Daughter [Must Read]

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“I have worked my ass off for 6 years, maybe it was my turn to get something for it” ; those were the words going through my mind when i heard about being shortlisted among the 3 people who would possibly be sent to South Africa for the Management training coming up next month.

But fucking the boss’s daughter and getting caught at it wasn’t going to help. Now let me go ahead and tell you about Seun Aro, the daughter to my billionaire boss; Chief Famuyiwa Aro.

I met Seun at the Iseyin NYSC camp in Oyo state 6 years ago, she graduated from a university in the UK and her father insisted on she serving her country before getting a job. We got talking about a week into our 3 weeks there and i found out her dad owed a multinational Real Estate company, i quickly told her i was a first class student of Estate management and would be happy if i could get a job in her dad company.
6 years on, i am working with New Green Co; I am a junior manager at New Green co with my own car and nice Apartment in Bodija. Seun had left for the UK after NYSC for her MSC and PHD.

She got back 4 months ago and i was eager to see her after such a long time, i have to mention that we never had anything romantic.

She called me about 2 days after she arrived to have dinner which happened to be a Friday; I eagerly said YES and told her it was the least i could do for a woman who gave me a great job on a platter of gold…. she laughed and said “common, you were over qualified”.
We had dinner at kokodome and talked about all these years, it was then i found out she was engaged to a very close family friend. I was shocked and abit sad since i was hoping we could move her relationship forward now that she was back permanently.

We exchanged BBM pins before she drove off and kept talking over the weekend, she was the kinkiest engaged person i have had a chat with as she would tease about every DP i put up and tell me some of the naughtiest things..
I wasnt sure why she was telling me all this but i didn’t care as i enjoyed it.

As i left work on Wednesday, her message popped up on my bbm with lots of Sad Smileys; i immediately called her up to make sure she was alright….

“hello seun, whats wrong with you?”

“Nothing, just lonely” she answered

i replied “How about your bobo? arent you guys skyping?”

Her next words shocked and excited me at the same time “Oga, come over to my house joor, as if you dont know why i messaged you”

I drove like a mad man to her house in Bodija and my thoughts kept going bananas.

The gate-men knew me from several times i had come to drop documents for chief. He told me chief wasn’t home and i told him i was here to see Seun.

I parked and walked to front door….The door opened Automatically and i wondered how thats even possible, I walked in and Seun slammed the door behind me, she was hiding behind the door the whole time and she was STACK NAKED!!!

She had one of the most well shaped hips created in heaven and i just couldn’t take my eyes off them.
She moved and sat on an arm chair telling  me “come to mama”…. I didn’t need a second invitation as I immediately went in for the kill.

I dropped to my knees and kissed her inner thighs and she sighed! This was manna from heaven!!!

I moved straight to her pussy and bit her pussy lips softly, she replied by pulling my head in, i flicked my tongue on her clit and felt her jump. I did it again and then started eating her out like my life depended on it, i sucked on her pussy and used my tongue to fuck her. My tongue probed all the corners of her pussy, taking time to lick the labia and the valley between, She was gyrating to my tongue and getting wet by the second. I lapped on her juice and kept tongue fucking her, my dick was hard as iron in my pants and it needed some attention soon or i might need to get new pants.

She was moaning loudly now and noise of “haaaa….hummmm….yess….hummmmmmm…..yeaaa” filled the air and that made me tongue so even crazier, flicking and sucking…

She suddenly pulled up and said “fuck me baby, I don’t want to cum before you put your dick inside me”. Who am i to say no to a good woman?

I took off my clothes like they were on fire, I was possessed!!

She was in the doggy position by the time my clothes were off, putting her hand on the table and standing on her toes with her ass in the air… I put some saliva on my dick and began pressing my member into her pussy and she sighed with pleasure at the sensation but Seun wasnt ready to do slowly.. She threw her ass back at me and took my whole 9 inches in one motion…

I held her ass and put my dick in gear, hitting her deeply and going fast… Each thrust caused her cry out in pleasure as i heard her boobs slap against each other. She screamed and made choking sounds of pleasure as i increased my pace and fucked her deeper.

Her moans got louder and started to sound like she was screaming..

She told me “Baby, Faster…Faster…Fuck me daddy.. Hit that pussy like it yours”.

Her pussy muscles clamped down on his cock as she came, her juices flowed freely now and i just lost it. I couldn’t hold on any longer and jerked forward and released a huge load of sperm inside her… She fell on the closest couch and i fell on her… We remained motionless for about 2 minutes while i caressed her back and beautiful hips

I stood up to try and get some water and there was her dad staring at us with his mouth open…. I was naked with cum dripping from the tip of  my dick and Seun wasn’t even aware her dad was here already….. i thought to myself “YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!!!!!”

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