#TrendopeStories: Evening with Jide and Amara [Must Read]

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This was the third time she would stand up to go to the ladies and again, she decided to pass right infront of me with her massive backside right in my face. I am starting to think she’s doing this intentionally.
“Why on earth will Amara do this?” is what I was still thinking about when Jide called me. He must have called me like 3 or 4 times before i answered.
I was startled!! Had he seen me admiring Amara’s booty?
“bobo, wetin you dey think? I don call you tire”…..I quickly lied, “Na the gbedu jare, e too loud. I no even hear. Wetin dey happen ore mi”.
Jide is Amara’s fiancee or so she thought ,haha. Jide is the typical yoruba demon and he’s got chics from east to west. Amara is the one of the 3 girls who wears a ring Jide gave her as a “promise ring”. Who gives promise ring in 2017? Jide Does!! Hes a yoruba demon like that!!!!!
Just as we were talking about the new Wizkid music that was playing.. Amara got back to the gathering and this time she went through the other side of the table. She moved over to Jide, sat on his legs while the speakers shouted “daddy yo, make me dance” and she started rocking her massive weapon of attraction on him; For the first time that night, my dick gave an instant kick.
Jides hands were on her by the waist while she rocked him pretty hard. I lifeted my face to look at Amara and our eyes met, she smiled and winked at me. My dick winked back even though my mind told me, she didnt mean any harm and i better take my mind out of the gutters.
I poured myself some more Remy Martins and did a quick bottoms up! Then i started looking around the dance floor trying to see if i might get lucky tonight and get a daddy yo lap dance too. I saw a girl somewhere around bar and decided to go try my luck.
I had just started talking to her when jide tapped me on the shoulder, i turned to him and he gave him his phone to read something, obviously because of the loud music that was playing. But it was actually a text from a girl he told me about that he met about a week ago; “Jide, I have been horny all day and you wont pick my calls. If you aren’t fucking me in another 30mins, I will call my boyfriend”… I practically screamed and i know someone must have heard me even with the loud music. Jide then shouted at me I will be back in an hour or so, buy whatever you and Amara need, have them add it to the bill, i already told her i need to go pick one of our friend who’s car broke down”.
I simple nodded and turned back to continue talking to the girl i was talking to before Jide interrupted but she was gone! I was honestly angry; Jide had Amara to go home with tonight and there he was going to fuck another one I didnt know her name yet he cost me the one i was trying to get. Damn! Fuck jide.
My phone vibrated in my pocket, pulled it out to check who it and it was a text from a number that wasnt saved to my phone.
“Boo, i have been horny all day and you are acting like you don’t know. If you arent fucking me in another 3mins, i will call my jide. I am in the second cubicle in the Mens. AMARA”
i am sure it was the alcohol and anger i already had towards Jide, i didnt even consider how she got my number or if it was jide playing games with me. I walked straight to the restroom and entered the second cubicle.
There Amara was, the minute i stepped in, she started unbuckling my belt, pulling my briefs and pulling out my dick. I was a full 7inches now. She stroked it back and forth. I closed my eyes and moaned “YES”
She brought her face to mine and our lips were locked in an intense kiss, I brought my hand to her ass and it was so soft. I squeezed on it and the more i squeezed, the harder she kissed me… She was starting to stroke me fast and it was getting to me so i told her to turn around. I pulled up her gown, and she had no panty on; I put a finger in her pussy and it was wet so I added 2 more finger. I starting ramming my fingers into her pussy and it felt so good.
She was rubbing her clit with one of her hands now while holding on to the wall with the other. I brought my dick to the entrance of her pussy and drove into her. She jumped and moaned loudly, i didn’t care if anyone heard us. I starting with slow strokes then picked up the pace.. Her ass cheeks were bouncing as i hit her from behind, i spanked her hard increased my pace even further.
Paaa….paaaa..paaa…paaa… YES…BABY….fuck…ouhh..yes baby….paaa…fuck me….yess…
she screamed “Fuck me hard baby.. I am cumming”.. I listened to the bootyful lady and fucked like her it was my last.. I drove my dick deep and fucked her with all my strength.
Then she started shouting “oh my God, oh…fuck me…Yes.. Yes..Yes.. I am Cumming..I am Cumming.. Oh, I am Cumming” with her whole body vibrating and her pussy walls gripping my dick. I didn’t slow down one bit and kept fucking her silly till she pulled herself away.
She then knelt in front on me and took my Juice coated dick in her hands, she brought the tip to her lips and licked the juice off then she took the whole thing in her mouth; Damn, it felt good!!!!
She was deep throating me and I felt like I was in heaven.. I didn’t know when sweet moans slipped my lips… “Uh…hummm…just like that…suck it baby…”
She brought out my dick then spat on it and took it back into her mouth; she was now stroking my dick with her mouth and hand. I knew I was going to explode soon, so i warned her but she didn’t respond.
I was now in cloud 9 and could feel my orgasm right around the corner. She deep throated me once again and i couldn’t hold it any longer. With a loud moan, I announced… Yes, make me cum baby!!!!!!!
She took all my seed in her mouth not letting one drop escape.. She looked up at me licked her lips, smiled at me and said, “I knew he went to see his bitch… so I decided to come see you too”..
I was in shock but it was a good shock…….. 🙂 !!!!!!!!!
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