Fatima & her backdoor obsession [Part 5]

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Madu leaned back from Fatima and admired her shapely ass. She looked so sexy with her tennis skirt thrown up over her back and her panties down around her knees. He rubbed her buttocks lovingly and Fatima clenched her muscles in response.

He pulled Fatima’s panties back up and covered her cum filled asshole. Fatima groaned feeling very naughty all off a sudden. She ran into the house and up the stairs to her bedroom. She could feel the semen oozing from her anus and wetting her panty.

  • Madu followed her up to her bedroom and stripped off his clothes. Fatima stripped off her tennis clothes and panties. Then she jumped in her bed on her back and spread her legs open for Madu.

He was still hard but Fatima had something else in mind.

“I’ve already postponed my match. Come here and eat my pussy,” she told him as she spread her legs for him.

Madu climbed on the bed and moved his head between her legs to eat her pussy but first he kissed and licked around the area and her inner thighs. He breathed warm air right on her pussy and Fatima grabbed his head and pulled it to her pussy. He pulled his head back off Fatima’s pussy and let his fingers trail to her pussy.

He lightly rubbed her outer pussy lips as she twitched with each touch. She moaned as her clit responded to the stimulation and slowly exited its hood looking for attention.

Madu placed his fingers on Fatima’s pussy lips and trapped her clit between them and it became swollen and stood erect. She squirmed in pleasure while he moved her pussy lips up and down on her clit and she shuddered from the extreme arousal.

Still moving her pussy lips up and down, he bent down and kissed her clit. Fatima jerked and bucked as Kalu’s lips touched her upright clit. He drew his head back a bit and again blew air directly onto her clit as she writhed and bucked again, moaning with pleasure.

He placed his arms behind Fatima’s knees and raised her hips up. He put her legs over his shoulders and he lowered his mouth to her pussy and kissed it as though it were her mouth.

She groaned with delight as she waited for his next advance. He drew his tongue along her outer labia, up one side and down the other without touching her clit.

“Suck it please, please lick it, please!” she moaned lustfully.

He flicked his tongue across the edges of her pussy as Fatima trembled and her juices oozed from between the lips. He licked the juices from the edges of her lips telling her she tasted delicious.

Fatima was nearly mad with desire as she begged him to pleasure her with his tongue. He finally parted her labia with his tongue and licked the insides of her pussy lips, nibbling each one a little and then sucking on them both. Fatima whimpered and moaned when he suddenly plunged his tongue as deep as he could into her pussy.

She screamed with delight as his tongue explored the insides of her pussy. Instinctively, she grasped Kalu’s head and pulled it into her cunt, begging him to lick and suck her. Madu did not disappoint Fatima as he swirled his tongue around her engorged clit and back into her sopping wet cunt.

Fatima was constantly moaning as his lips closed about her clit and sucked her clit in and out of his mouth. Writhing and gyrating she exploded in another powerful orgasm, drenching his face and mouth with her copious juices. She seemed to cum with each tremor of her body.

Madu did not give up sucking her clit and she tried to push his face away as she cried out.

“Oh please stop. I can’t cum anymore, let me rest,” she begged.

Fatima’s body trembled through yet again another orgasm and she lay there gasping and breathing heavy as her orgasm subsided.

Finally her orgasm subsided and she embraced Madu and kissed him. He knew that Fatima could taste her own juices on his lips and he thrusted his tongue into her mouth taking her breath away.

“That was marvellous, absolutely incredible. I felt so wicked when you fucked my ass in my tennis outfit,” she sighed.

“I had always wanted to do that, make believe it was a tennis player right before the match and fill her ass with cum you made that fantasy come true,”

“It was going to be my fantasy but I’m glad it turned out the way you wanted.”

By then Madu’s dick was rock hard again and he moved between her legs. He eased his dick into her dripping wet pussy and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Slowly, he moved into her. Fatima opened beneath him, enveloping his dick tightly.

Her pussy was like a fist as she clenched her vaginal muscles. She squeezed his dick as he moved within her.

“Fatima,” He groaned, “You really feel good tonight.”

She moaned in response, “Your dick feels so good. Fill me up with it.”

Madu thrust into her deeply and he felt the head of his dick pressing against her cervix.

“Oh Kalu,” she sighed with her eyes closed.

He felt her pussy contract around his dick as she climaxed again with a shudder and a long moan. She urged him on, “Fuck me, I want it so much.”

Madu grabbed her hips in his hands and began to thrust in and out as he pounded her pussy. His heavy bloated testicles slapped against her ass as his dick drove into her hot pussy.

“Yes, oh yes,” she gasped as her body rose to meet him.

The bed was now swaying with the force of their fierce, animalistic fucking. Fatima clamped her legs tightly around his waist as she screamed through her climax. Her pussy grasped his dick, squeezing it and milking it as he fucked her.

Madu moved his hips against hers and buried his dick within her. Fatima’s quaking pussy erupted into orgasm again as Kalu rocked his dick slowly, grinding the head against her cervix. He felt his orgasm building in his balls and he knew that at any second he would be spraying his seed into her womb.

He felt his semen travel from his scrotum through his dick as he ejaculated deep inside Fatima flooding her waiting warmth with his load.

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