#TrendopeStories: My First Thr33some [Must Read]

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The wetness of something circling my earlobes was what woke me up. Just as i was starting to open my eyes,someone bit my nipples hard sending sweet pleasure and little plain right through my spin. I opened my eyes and and looked beside me and saw my girlfriend, Anna then i looked down and saw her bestfriend, suzzy licking my nipples and she seemed like she was loving it.
I couldnt quite understand what was happening but i didnt care at this point.

Anna brought her lips to my ears and whispered; “i see you are awake now”. i simple smiled. She then brought her lips to my own and started kissing me and exploring my mouth with her tongue. She sucked on my lips and i responded by giving her my tongues to suck on. Meanwhile Suzzy had found her way to my dick and was now stroking me slowly while she still sucked on my nipple; she knew what she was doing as my pre-cum was starting to appear. She used my pre-cum as lubricant and picked up the pace of the sweet hand job; a moan escaped my lips and Anna smiled.

She stopped kissing me and went to my dick, she licked it from the cap to my balls and then back to the cap. Suzzy stopped attending to my nipples and then joined her down there.. Suzzy spat on my dick before putting it in her mouth and when she did, it felt so warm! i couldnt help fucking her mouth and she rubbed on my balls while i did that.

Anna stood up and came over me, bringing her pussy right down to my face; “make me cum boyfriend” she said… Like a loyal dog, i brought out my tongue and started licking her pussy paying attention to her already swollen clit. she held the bed post while i tongued fucked her. She started moaning and speaking in tongues “ooshittoooo….hasshh…yeahh…oh my god…hummmmm”. Her moans filled the room and i guess this must have turned Suzzy on so much; she stopped sucking my dick and straddled me, she took my dick inch by inch till she had it all deep inside her.

She started riding me with so much expertise and i just wish i could see her face but Anna was right there on my face grinding her pussy into my mouth. She announced she was cumming and my tongues went ballistic on her clit; flicking up and down, up and down up and down, up and down till i heard her screaming “oh.. baby.. i am cumming.. oh baby…ohhh..oohhhh…..ohhhhhhhhhhhh”.

She got off my face and i was now in clear view of Suzzy who was bouncing her ass on my dick and rolling her waist at the same time. she was going very fast now and fucking my dick religiouly! Anna went to her boobs and took one nipple in her mouth; suzzy’s moaning increased and i was starting to feel my orgasm draw closer. I started raising my hips to meet her ass mid way and she seemed to love it. Her moans turned into screams and i didnt give a damn if my neighbors or anyone could hear us cos i moved my hips even faster under her to make more noise and hit her deeper… “i am gonna cum” she screamed; i replied “i am cumming too” 

“ohh… yesssssss…ohhhhhhhhhhh….haaaaaaa….fuckkkkkkkkkkkk….” filled the room as we both reached orgasm and juices were flowing everywhere….. She collapsed on my chest as i was also trying to catch my breath and that was when i heard my girlfriend say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU LOVE”.

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