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#TrendopeStories: Uche’s HouseHelp [Must Read]

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I am not the kinda guy who would fuck the maid or some street girl as i am very particular about respect and wont like to lose that over an orgasm!

But this one is different, Since my best friend Uche employed his new house help, Chinwe, i have asked him repeatedly why he needs one and if he needs one, why employ one so cute? He always told me about how he helped the girl as she grew up in his village and her parents wanted her to come to the city.

Uche and I have been best of friends for about 5years and we tell each other anything and everything. I have slept over at his place countless times and he at my place more times than i can count since we are both single.

Last week Saturday was the day of doom or glory depending on how you see what i am about to tell you.

I went over to a co-workers birthday at his crib, we lost track of time as we are were drinking and chatting for longer than planned. I looked at my watch and it was 9:45pm. That was when i decided to leave, i told my collegues i would be leaving and we said our goodbyes but while walking to the car, i noticed i was a little drunk.

I opened the drivers side door about 5times before it eventually opened and as i sat down i pulled out my phone to call Uche to let me him know i was coming over to his place. He wouldn’t pick up the calls so i drove over to his house since it was about 3 streets away from the celebrants house.

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His gate-man told me he wasn’t around and wasn’t sure he would be coming over for the night but that Chinwe was at home. I had a spare key to his place in my bunch of keys so i just proceeded to his flat and opened the door. I could hear some noise not very loud noise coming from one of the rooms but i didn’t make any sense of it at that point.
I locked the door and was going over to Uche’s room when i started hearing the noise some more. It suddenly hit me: “thats someone been fucked”

Chinwes room door was wide open and as i looked in; she looked right at me and jumped off the bed.
“did i just see her with a dildo?”.
She must have been watching porn and masturbating. she ran to the tv to turn it off and grabbed a wrapper! I heard her saying “sorry sir, didnt hear you come in. i am sorry sir” “Pls dont tell oga”

I wasn’t listening to her, the alcohol in my system was working: the noise of porn was playing in my head and the picture of her naked body was flashing in my eyes.
I saw my opportunity and i took it. I shouted at her “come here stupid girl”. She walked towards me slowly.
i shouted again “drop your wrapper and let me see what you are holding”

she must have been really scared of her boss finding out that she instantly obliged.

I could see her naked body now; and this girl has one of the firmest boobs i have come across. They were well rounded and not saggy at all.

I beckoned for her to come close which she did then i dived straight for her chest and took one nipples in my hand as i put the other in my mouth. I sucked on it and it got much bigger in my mouth.

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She must be really turned on too because the next thing she did was something i wasn’t expecting yet.

She went straight for my dick and asked if i had a condom. I pulled my wallet out of my pocket and handed her a condom.

She fixed it on me in few seconds and pushed me on the bed; now i was seeing another side of Chinwe!

She got right on top of me and eased herself on my dick! Her pussy was wet but took sometime to get used to my 9 inch dick. she moaned out loud “your dick big sha”. I ignored her and starting fondling her breast.

She started riding me like a pro with the “pammm pammm pammmm” sound echoing all over the room while her hips were gyrating.
she closed her eyes while she rolled her waist and slapped her ass against my crotch… she moaned out loud every time my dick hit her deep; “yeh…ohhh” “haa…hummm” “jeezz…ohhhh” “yeeeeeeehhhhhh” “haaaaaaa” “ohhhhhhhh”.
She went into auto mood and started rocking my dick back and forth like her life depended on it, i could feel her juice all over my crotch as she rode me.

I pulled her off my dick and turned her around while entering her pussy with her legs on my shoulders! She pulled me in and i started fucking her pink pussy! I had one of my hand rubbing her clitoris as i thrust deep inside her. Her boobs bounced and jiggled as i brought my dick to the tip of her pussy and then slammed it right back in.
Her moaning got louder, with both leg raised and rested on my shoulder; She was going to cum and that excited me! I kept slamming my dick into her and her cum made fucking her sweeter and faster.

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I wasn’t in control of my waist anymore now as it was going faster than ever and thrusting my dick into her pussy as deep as it could go; Then a moan escaped my mouth and i knew i was close to orgasm…

I pulled my dick out of her and got up.. She immediately knelt down and took my dick in my hand like she was brandishing a weapon. She stroked me and then sucked on my dick… I announced that and i was going to cum and she told me to go ahead.. I started jacking my hips with my dick in her mouth.. She kept sucking and carrased my ass.. My cum shot deep into her Mouth and she swallowed it all.

Just as i was trying to catch my breath.. We heard a knock on the door!

I picked my clothes and ran out of the room into Uche’s room and went straight to the bathroom.

I was thinking about everything that had happened while i was under the shower then i heard Uche come into the room saying “i saw your missed calls and have been trying to call you back mister, why you no dey pick your calls?”

I smiled!!

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