#Trendope Stories: Laide’s Surprise Visit [Must Read]

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The noise from my phone woke me up, i immediately glanced at the wall clock; 8:13Pm it was; I must have been sleepng for about 2hours or so as i left work around 5pm. My attention went back to the phone trying to guess which of my friends could be calling for for a Friday drink up.

I glanced at the Called ID,i must have thought i saw wrong as i wiped my face and looked again: it was Laide calling me!

Laide was a co-worker at my office before she got married and moved to another state. I always wanted to fuck her but she was a pretty laid back girl then and always reminded me of her hushand to be then.

I picked up and say “hello”

Her Tiny Voice came from the other side of the phone “Big Dick o ga o”

Me: “What”

Laide : “where are you joor, i am stuck in ibadan and its going to rain. My car broke down”

Me: “I am home oo Aunty Big ass that wont do”

i tried to return the flirting favour….

Laide: Okay, coming over now.

And then she hung up.

I couldn’t quite figure what had happened but i instantly got up and started putting my house in good shape and spraying air freshener like i was expecting my girlfriend. I cant say why i did all that but i did(maybe it was that evil thing that always talks in my head”

30mins after the first call, my phone rang again and it was Laide: She said she was at my gate.

I grabbed a knicker and went outside my flat to tell the gate-man to open the gate for her. I saw her from afar and i couldn’t help getting turned out with that same “figure 8 shape” she drove me crazy with over a year ago.

I Moved to hug her and she didn’t hesitate though she seemed tired. I took her into my living room and she asked for a cup of water and Juice. I replied “You must be very tired oo sisi”. she said “Yes oo, that car really messed up my day”

We got talking and she told me about how she had been,her new wood business and when i asked about her husband; she gave me that look of “don’t mock me”. i didn’t quite understand and she said “don’t pretend like you don’t know my marriage collapsed after 6months”
I couldn’t believe my hears and told her how i thought she was madly in love with the guy and vice-versa. She then told me how the guy was a player and had a wife and kids abroad that he never told her about. I was indeed sorry for her and couldn’t stop saying “pele”
From where i was sitting, i could see her heavy eyes so i wasn’t surprised when the first tear drop came down her cheek and instantly followed by several more. She starting sobbing like a baby and that’s when i moved over to console her. Till today i cant tell if i made the wrong or right move but the voice in my head said it was the right thing to do.

I held her head to my shoulder and just unconsciously kissed her head;She looked up at my me with her very wet eyes and asked “why did you do that”, i felt embarrassed and was going to explain when she suddenly started kissing me!
Her lips were not just succulent, she knew how to use them. She kissed deeply and sweetly while sticking her tongue inside my mouth… She let out a “hummm” and i immediately knew it would end up been one my best night!

I pulled her up so i could have access to have big ass and she went in for my nipples, sucking and biting them better than everyone has ever sucked them. I grabbed and pulled on her ass in the purple skirt she was wearing. i couldn’t believe how soft there were. She stopped sucking on my nipples and told me to take off my clothes; i answered with immediate effect and she pulled her shirt and skirt off to show a matching Bar and thong with beautiful design that i cared less about at this moment.

She took my very hard dick in her hand and started stroking it while she looked at it which so much lust.she knelt down,took the cap in her mouth and sent me to heaven. she had one of her hand on my balls and another stretched out to rub one of my nipples. i was way beyond control and i just wanted to fuck the hell ouuta her now. She slow took my dick deeper in her mouth till she had it all in; i had never had anyone deep throat me before now so it was new for me yet exciting. She would suck me fast for 10second then deep throat me for 5, i was gonna blow off my cum in her throat if she kept doing this.

I pulled her up and made hold the chair handle while standing, i pulled her thong off eagerly and put my dick at the entrace of her very wet pussy. I eased my dick slowly into her, it felt warm and the way she moaned made me want to go deeper and deeper. she took my whole dick to the base and i stopped for few seconds to enjoy that moment before i went off with the pounding. I started with slow strokes then i picked up the pace and loved it when she called my name. I started counting my strokes; doing 5 fast ones followed by 3 slow strokes.
The “ohhh, Kunle…fuck me. I love it” “thats so sweet” “spank me” “fuck my pussy like its yours” were enough to drive me over the edge and make me fuck this girl like i have never fucked anyone… i went on pounding her pussy and spanking her.

She brought her ass forward to meet my strokes and that even made it sweeter… Her Moans got louder and i knew she was close to her Orgasm so i drove my dick into her faster and deeper! i could feel my own orgasm building up too and i was ready to blast away. She started screaming “Fuck me, i am going to cum” “baby, fuck me faster, i am going to cum” and her pussy walls gripped my dick while i started cumming myself; she milked ever bit of my cum while releasing some juice herself.

We both fell on the chair and didn’t say anything to each other!

I looked at the wall clock and it was 9:45pm. I smiled cos i knew it was indeed going to be a long night.

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