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11 ways to give your man the best bl*wjob

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Oral sex, blowjob, cunnilingus or whatever you call it, can be deeply satisfying for any man and if well handles, can be satisfying to the woman giving it. Do it right with these 11 tips

Many women often get uncomfortable when a man asks for oral sex.

It is easy to assume that they are against oral sex, but the truth is that most of them are just afraid of not doing it right.

They approach it the same way a virgin teenager would the prospect of having first-time sex.

Oral sex, blowjob, cunnilingus or whatever you call it, can be deeply satisfying for any man and if well handles, can be satisfying to the woman giving it.

Being able to give you man oral sex is a sign that you accept him totally and, if he can return the favour, you both would be happier for it.

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Here are 11 tips to help you:

So he has been asking for a blow

Please the penis. Hold the penis at the base and stroke it gently with the other hand. Work from the tip to the base.

Marry tongue to penis. Lick the penis shaft as you would do an ice cream cone. Start with the tip of the head, rolling your tongue on it to activate its many nerve endings. Also suck at the band of skin below the head of the penis.

His testicles love attention. Take his tentacle (the balls) into your mouth one at a time and suck at it. Suck them in and out repeatedly.

Maintain eye contact. From time to time, look into his eyes and make him shy. His face would most probably be flushed from the pleasure.

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Go all over. Lick and suck the penis from the tip to the shaft and the testicles. Repeating the move again and again, until he moans in pleasure.

Nibble a little. Gentle biting of the penis won’t hurt. Do it but don’t get carried away and cut his penis off!

Go under. Lick under the penis shaft, the area called the frenulum which has very sensitive skin. It is one place men like to get touched at.

Go deep. Let him penis go deep into your mouth as if you want to swallow it Then roll your tongue around it, focusing on the head. If it feels uncomfortable, stop.

Go pro. Let him come into your mouth, if you are comfortable with it. It is kind of sexy and makes him feel totally wanted.

Swallow if you can. You don’t have to swallow it, though it’s harmless. But some men like to see it done. Others find it disgusting. So do what is in your mind.

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Make sounds. Moaning while giving him a blow job is very sexy. The sound tells him you’re enjoying it, so make the music.

You can also massage his thighs and the area around his anus; it’s like icing the cake.

If you can do it, in no particular order, you’re going you leave him exhausted and satisfied.

Remember to make him shower before you begin

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