Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Photo Of The Day:- What Would You Do If You Wake Up To See Guys Like This Beside You In Your Bedroom?

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What this Bobrisky spirit will cause ehn, even Bobrisky him herself no go fit wait look am finish!! 

I don’t know whether I am the only person who feels disgust at this Gay thing, when guys act and dress like women.

Look this photo below:-

Just imagine you wake up one morning to see guys like this beside you in your bedroom, What Would You Do?

Be sincere oo – Drop your comments.

For Me (Trendguy):- I go first rush enter toilet, comot my Boxer, Check to see if Blood no dey my Anus 

If blood no dey, I will just chase them out of my house with my Dogs else Na to Comot Cutlass cut them into pieces and then serve their Fleshs & Bones to my Dogs.

What about you?

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