My escapade with Dami’s mum! [Part 5]

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I told her how the four of us got in the bath tub naked after we had s*x in Dami’s room.

“I was sitting between Mary and Ada kissing Mary when I felt a hand grope for my d*ck. I knew it wasn’t Mary because she had her arms wrapped around me. Ada then began to stroke my d*ck under water until it was rock hard again. Just the fact that Ada was giving me a hand job without either Dami or Mary knowing about it was an incredible turn on.

Once I was hard Ada just smiled at all of us and moved onto my lap.

She positioned my d*ck at her P*ssy and lowered her body onto mine. Dami and Mary just stared in disbelief as Ada began to f*ck herself on my d*ck. Ada eyes got as wide as my d*ck worked its way into her P*ssy. She was tight but she was determined to get my entire d*ck in her.


It didn’t take long for Ada to orgasm and I was right behind her filling her P*ssy with my seed.”

Omotola was getting turned on as I told her the story and gasped,

“What happened next?”

“Well Dami and Mary were both turned on by Ada and me f*cking, so they decided to get it on as well. Mary mounted Dami just as Ada had me and they f*cked until they both came,” I told her.

“Oh this story has gotten me excited I need to sit on you,” Omotola sighed.

“Sit on me?” I teased.

“Sit on your d*ck, naughty you,” she snapped.

She straddled me and lowered her hot P*ssy on my d*ck. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her crushing her br**sts against my chest. I reached down and cupped her round a** with both hands as she bounced up and down on my d*ck.

“Oh, this is going to be another quick one. Get ready!” she gasped.

I picked up the pace f*cking her and she lost it. She screamed out loud for me to hold her as her body shook with the intensity of her orgasm. Her hips thrashed away as her body seemed to go into spasm. I held her tight until her body stopped thrashing and she settled down.

She rested her head on my shoulder as we sat there with my d*ck still buried in her P*ssy. I started to move again this time in search of my own orgasm but she stopped me.

“No more I need to give my P*ssy a break. Sit on the edge of the bathtub,” She told me as she moved off my d*ck.


I sat on the edge of the tub with my eight inches standing proud. Omotola lowered her mouth on my d*ck and really got into sucking me off. She moved her head up and down on my rod as she fondled my balls with her hand. I felt my release building and I warned her that I was about to cum.

She just intensified the oral action and swallowed as much d*ck as she could. She seemed to be continually testing the strength of her throat. I warned her again that I was going to cum but she was determined to taste my seed. I blasted another generous load in her mouth and this time she was ready for it. Omotola swallowed my entire load without missing a drop.

She sucked my d*ck until it was dry and it softened in her mouth.

I slipped back into the bath tub and Omotola settled into the seat next to me. We both relaxed in the bubbling water as we recovered from our intense orgasms. I thought to myself that this woman was really something and how fortunate I was to have made it with her.

It was still hard to believe what had just occurred with my best friend’s mother and I had another five days alone with this s*xy woman.

We got out of the tub, dried off and put our clothes back on. I went into the living reoom and turned on the television. Omotola came in with some more tea and stretched out on the sofa next to me. Eventually she put her head in my lap as I watched the show and then she fell asleep. Omotola dozed quite a while and it was almost thirty minutes later when she woke up.

“Hum I guess I needed that nap. You made me tired,” she said with a smile.

“I’m a little tired too,” I replied.

“Maybe but the invigorating powers of youth are still there,” She said as she reached under my short and cupped my balls.

“Careful, you will get me turned on again,” I cautioned.

“At least wait until after lunch,” She joked with a squeeze of my d*ck.

She went into the kitchen and made up some snacks for lunch as I continued to watch the game. She brought lunch into the room and we dined together as we watched the movie. She cleaned up after lunch as I went upstairs.


Omotola came upstairs, took off her clothes and lay back on her bed. I looked at her and I decided one more time before I got dressed. I walked over to the bed and sat on the side of it.

“Wait before we f*ck I want to do something,” she said and jumped out of bed. She took a sewing measuring tape out of her cupboard and then she measured my d*ck.

“A little over 8 inches long, you are blessed,” She said out loud


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