Fatima and her backdoor obsession [Part 2]

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Fatima has two obsessions, one is to have s*x in the car while the other is an*l s*x, and young Madu is doing a great job at satisfying her needs 

She would surprise him with different outfits and the s*x would always be in the car with them partially clothed. They would have s*x in her home as well but these days it always started in her car. 

At the age of 39 years she was still a very attractive woman with a nice figure. Her breasts were not large but she was proud of her firm ample breasts. She had a narrow waist and wide hips. She had a really nice a** that was very sensitive and firm and she loved to have Madu play with her buttocks.  

Madu Kalu at 23 years old was a good looking young man. He was tall and muscular. Madu was experienced with girls as he had had s*x with a number of them although he found many of them to be teases and a pain in the a**. 

The very first time, Fatima wore a sporting outfit. She told Madu to wear jeans and a shirt and they would act as if he was driving her home after a game. They did not take any unnecessary risks as they always had car s*x in her garage. Fatima had a roomy SUV and provided plenty of space for back seat s*x.  

She had put on a black and blue sporting outfit complete with matching socks and sport shoes. Under her outfit she wore cotton panties and a sport bra. Fatima explained her fantasy to Madu over dinner in her home and later they were in the back seat of her car. 

They began making out like a couple of s*x freaks with Madu fondling her breasts through the top and caressing her bare thighs. Madu raised her top and pushed the bra up over her breasts and went to work on them. He sucked on her breasts and teased the nipples gently with his teeth.  

Fatima got hot from the foreplay and her panties were dripping wet by the time Madu cupped her vagina. His d*ck was straining inside his trouser so he lowered his trouser and boxer freeing his throbbing d*ck. 

Fatima stroked the stiff rod and lowered her mouth to cover it. She was an incredible d*ck sucker and Madu was so turned on that he came quickly. Fatima swallowed every drop of his volcanic like eruption and sucked him dry. Madu then moved her onto her back and removed her panties.  

He quickly covered her p*ssy with his mouth and like Madu she too came quickly. Madu was ready to fuck and he moved between her legs and slipped his big d*ck into her hot p*ssy.  

They fucked in the missionary position until they both came again with Madu flooding her p*ssy. 

Madu sat up but Fatima was not ready to quit just yet. She took his d*ck back in her mouth and sucked him back to hardness. He played with her p*ssy and teased her anus as she blew him. He had only fucked Fatima in the a** once before but now he had the desire to do it again.  

It was Madu’s turn to fantasize about fucking a partially clothed sportswoman in the a**. He moved Fatima to all fours and began to lick her p*ssy and rim her anus from behind. 

“There is lotion in my purse. You can lubricate my a** with that,” Fatima whispered. 

He quickly retrieved the lotion and applied it liberally to Fatima’s anus. He fingered her a** and caressed her buttocks. He loved the look of her a** and he knew that he had to have it again. Madu lubed his d*ck and moved behind Fatima in preparation of her butt fucking. His d*ck went in easily and within minutes he was drilling her a**. Fatima kept groaning and moaning as he fucked her and her hand was playing with her p*ssy.  

Since it was his third ejaculation it took longer for him to cum but he was in no rush as he loved watching her stabbed on his d*ck. Fatima was in no rush either but she looked forward to receiving his seed in her rectum. 


Madu moved steadily and slowly in and out of Fatima’s a** until he felt his release building in his balls. Madu picked up the pace and thrust quicker and harder into Fatima’s a**. His body slapped against her buttocks causing them to jiggle as he fucked her and the sight was erotic. He loved watching his d*ck slide in and out of her shapely a**.  

Then his body stiffened and he thrust all the way into her a** as his cum travelled from his scrotum through his d*ck and shot into Fatima’s a**. Madu felt a stream of cum shoot through his d*ck and go deep into Fatima’s rectum.  

Fatima loved the feeling of cum coating her an*l path and filling her rectum. Madu had shot an impressive amount of cum in her a**hole and Fatima was surprised since it was his third load that evening. 

Madu stayed in her a** for minutes as Fatima used her talented an*l muscles to milk his d*ck of any cum remaining in his shaft. Madu’s d*ck began to soften slightly and he let it slip from Fatima’s a**hole. He looked at her stretched anus and it looked vulnerable as a little bit of cum trickled out of it.  

Madu was then shocked when Fatima spun around and took his semi-erect d*ck in her mouth and sucked it clean. He couldn’t believe that she would take a d*ck right from her a** into her mouth but the act excited him and then he remembered that Fatima cleansed her a** and p*ssy thoroughly before they got in the car. 

“My poor p*ssy needs attention right now o,” Fatima pleaded. 

Madu realized that they were still dressed. Fatima still had her outfit on and he still had on his shirt with his trouser and boxer around his ankles. In all the time they had fucked and sucked they had never been completely naked.  

Madu now wanted to be naked and he wanted to see the rest of Fatima’s body. 

“Fatima I want to see you naked. Let’s go inside,” Madu ordered rather than requested. 

When they were in her bedroom, Fatima acted shy as she removed her sports outfit. Madu watched her as he took off his own clothes. Fatima had a great figure and her breasts were perfect, not too big and nice and firm.  

Fatima lay back on the bed and she opened her legs for Madu.  

He knew that she wanted him to eat her p*ssy again and he was only too glad to comply. He slipped between her legs and she cuddled his head in her hands and stroked his bald head as he ate her p*ssy. 

Madu buried his tongue in Fatima’s p*ssy shoving it in as if he was fucking her. Fatima loved the action as he nibbled on her clit while he fingered her p*ssy. Madu was really getting into the action particularly because of the way he had Fatima squirming and tossing on the bed.  

Fatima moved her legs over Madu’s shoulders and pulled his head closer to her p*ssy. He held on to Fatima’s shapely buttocks and squeezed and caressed her firm a** cheeks as he ate her p*ssy. 

“Oh, oh, yes oh, oh!” Fatima cried out. 


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