Fatima and her backdoor obsession

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Fatima Bashir was in the back seat of her Nissan SUV with her favourite lover. She was kneeling on the back seat with her head on the seat turned to the side. The fancy skirt of her work dress was pull over her back and her white cotton panties were down to her knees. She was still in the jacket, and white blouse.

Her blouse was unbuttoned and her bra was unfastened allowing her firm breasts to dangle freely.

Her lover Madu Kalu had just finished lubricating her anus and was busy greasing up his impressive dick. He added his saliva to the lotion covered shaft making it very greasy. Madu moved in behind Fatima and she felt the stiff rod brush against her buttocks.

Chills ran through her body as she anticipated the anal penetration.

He lined up the mushroom head of his 7 inches dick with and pressed forward.

The sphincter opened up to receive the dick that had so often visited her ass in the last few months.

Madu was still partially dressed with his trousers and boxers down to his knees. His shirt was unbuttoned and pulled to the sides. He eased his dick into her causing her to gasp out loud and goose bumps appeared her exposed skin. His dick slowly wormed its way into her ass and filled her.

Fatima loved this feeling  and she was anxious for the big dick to start moving in her. Madu allowed her to adjust to the presence in her bottom and once he was satisfied she was ready, he began to move.

She looked sexy in her work wear with her gorgeous ass exposed. Madu initially held to her hips but later moved his hands to caress her lovely buttocks. He moved slowly and steadily in and out and he enjoyed every second of the anal sex.

For him, nothing in the world looked better than his dick sliding in and out between Fatima’s beautiful buttocks. Madu felt his release building and he knew that he would not last much longer.

His balls tightened with his imminent ejaculation so he leaned over her driving his dick in as deep as possible. He reached around to cup Fatima’s breasts and he let the stiff nipples slide between his fingers. He held her tight to him and she felt him cum in her rectum.

It was his first ejaculation of the evening and it was powerful. Fatima could feel his cum shoot into her and flood her rectum. She could feel his dick pulsate in her and she responded by contracting her ass around the thick shaft. Fatima milked his dick dry but Madu remained hard and stayed in her ass.

As soon as he had emptied his balls, he began moving in her ass again. Fatima knew that he planned to cum in her ass as many times as he could before removing his dick. She loved this part of their sex together and with Madu’s sexual energy; she could expect at least three cum loads in her ass. Fatima truly felt like young even though her lover was much younger.

At 39 years old she was living out one of her fantasies with her 23 year old lover.

Fatima had been a virgin until she was 26 years old and she often wished she had been more promiscuous in secondary school and university. Now she was doing the things that she wished she had done when she was in her youth and her favourite fantasy was having sex while being partially clothed in the back seat of a car.

Madu applauded her imagination and the outfits she chose for their car sex.

He never had trouble getting in the mood with her and he loved cumming in all her holes.

Madu would cum two more times in Fatima’s ass that evening before they left her car and went into her home. Once inside they would get naked together and Madu would eat her pussy until she had multiple orgasms. If he got hard again he would fuck her pussy until she begged him to stop.

Later as they rested they would discuss the next car sex fantasy and Fatima would decide what outfit she would wear.

Fatima began living out her car sex fantasies right after she turned 37 years old. She had heard that a woman reaches the peak of her sexuality at age 37 and whether true or not she had never been hornier in her life.

She also got creative with her sex life and decided to relive her younger years the best way she knew how.

Fatima recalled how many of her classmates bragged about going all the way with their boyfriends. She would often lie in bed masturbating thinking about the girls having car sex. She pictured them in the school uniforms with their panties down around their knees as the boys played with their pussies and fucked them.

She had taken younger lovers since her separation from her husband when she was 35 and she enjoyed the sexual energy of the young men. She wasn’t looking for another husband but she was looking for good lovers.

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