#TrendopeStories: Whored Out [Must Read]

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“Take off your clothes,” he said.

I knew what was coming. I could already see that his cock was getting ready again, I had just s*cked him off and swallowed his huge load of cum but his cock was already half turgid once more. He was the type of man who could come many times. Exactly the kind of man I like, so I quickly stood up and began stripping out of my clothes. I saw his eyes almost bulge out as he looked at my large boobs which had been hidden by the loose kaftan I was wearing.


“No, don’t remove your Hijab’’ He commanded as I made to take off my head covering ‘’I have been fantasising about f*cking a woman clad in hijab for a very long time’’ he said as he looked at my exposed lush body. I am not fat just curvy in all the right places and not to sound vain, I know that I have got a beautiful body.


“Beautiful,” he said. “I almost didn’t believe the pictures of them.”

My pu**y grew warm under his admiring stare as I remembered that I had been made to send nude pictures to this man. I felt a subconscious shame from deep within me but at the same time I felt flushes as I peeled off my only item of clothing remaining, a flimsy panties that was just a piece of gauze, I had followed my pimp’s instructions to the letter.


By the time I finished undressing and stood in front of him in nothing more than my white hijab, I saw that his cock was nodding hard again, with precum covering the tip.

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