#TrendopeStories: My Aunt Annarose – Part 2 [Must Read]

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I earnestly anticipated a very apprehensive Wednesday morning after I had woken up. You cannot tell me you wouldn’t foresee same if you had just spent the past few hours poking your enormous 8inch pecker into your aunt’s sprawling ass! I may have thought about, fantasized and maybe wished that the earlier incident would happen but never did I think it was gonna happen the way it had. I felt pretty cool last night (…nobody will feel any less), and do swear that I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of our romp back then. However as the following morning unfolded, I began feeling quite like I was totally rushed. I suddenly started having that concern that comes just after you have been seduced into doing something cruel. I wouldn’t call it regret, but it looked much like it. Yes, I had once observed something you could call an attraction develop between myself and aunt and I had always wanted it to go beyond just that. But hey, this is still my mum’s younger sister we are talking about here (…in case you’ve forgotten) and doing anything s*xual with her should obviously be captioned incestuous.
My being attracted to her was never going to be a justification to do any such things even though I was totally unaware of how she felt about the whole episode this present morning. Her countenance from last night do suggest that she thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it but that was already too ‘old school’ to draw inference from. After all, I was feeling exactly same last night. But I remember remaining in bed a couple more hours after waking up the following morning just to let my mind dilute more of what had happened. I kept letting the whole incident play out in my head while trying to take things as realistic as possible. I was now absorbing the full weight of my sins and was seriously realizing the taboo that formed part of our actions. I was feeling guilty.

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