#TrendopeStories: The Bus Trip [Must Read]

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The wait was simply getting too long and I was visibly knackered. They had told us that we would be leaving in the coming half-hour but then we had spent another 2 hours with no signs of leaving. The bus was already full and passengers were all seated apart from the few who were still outside, probably waiting for the driver to show up before coming in. I was tucked at the extreme left on the back row and my own row of seats wasn’t completely occupied even as two more persons were expected to join me, making us three.

“They obviously should be part of those waiting outside”, I had thought to myself. My concern was that it was already getting late. I brought out my phone and checked for time and it said past 6:00pm. And being a near-three hour journey, I was bound to arrive late.

I was making a trip to Calabar. I had some steel profiles to move to a client. I had supplied 3 bundles of it the previous week but realized later that he asked for 3bundles and a half. So I was heading back to supply the rest and they were carefully lined up under our seats. Being a sudden trip, I was barely dressed. I just had my combat shots and a sleeved shirt on. All that mattered to me was arriving Calabar soon and it wasn’t until I heard my name that I even remembered I was yet to begin the journey.

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