#TrendopeStories: My Aunt Annarose – Part 1 [Must Read]

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This is gonna be a long story. But I hope you will have the patience to read it. Took me a while to put it together but it is completely worth it. Happy reading.

I am nineteen. And yet to f*ck a girl. Yea, you can begin screaming ‘WTF!’ all you want. Well, that wouldn’t change a thing. Or would it? Let’s get back to the real story now again, shall we? Fine. So…I started seeing porn at the age of thirteen. I was in High school then and always asked my friends for their dirty magazines. I loved women (…and still do of course. Wonder how I shouldn’t when I ain’t gay) and was always attracted to more matured ones (MILFs mostly). Even though I craved to f*ck one day, I always never had the courage to approach any girl who was within my age bracket to ask her out. This meant I would continue with endless fantasies (…like Genevieve Nnaji giving me a boob job. How silly though!), porn and masturbation.

By nineteen, I had developed what was becoming one of the largest d*cks for someone my age. My friends had always talked about how large it was and even never minded telling their girl friends. I was never bothered too as I only found it pleasing and largely a source of man pride. They claimed the pecker had only gotten that big because I started f*cking girls from a very tender age. I knew better but I never told them how wrong they were (they were duns after all). Whenever we talked about s*x, my experiences with porn always looked to substitute for me and over time, most of them began asking me for a couple tips on how they could please their girls. It was quite hilarious! (…and you can see why I called them d*ns. Haha)

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