#TrendopeStories: Anally Sabotaged [Must Read]

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Coming out on election day with stubborn sinister urges stirred up from the previous night, a woman joins a crowd of potential vote casters. While she waits for her turn, her participation suddenly takes a twist. Will her desire to vote remain limited to that alone?


When I walked into that polling unit that mid-morning, I was still having strong doubts about my likelihood of withstanding the stress of waiting to cast my vote. It wasn’t a matter of not being patriotic enough or anything like that. It was just the sticky weakening feeling I had been having since the previous night. Oga Tunji my landlord, had come into my apartment on the night trying to resume what he had started about a fortnight now. He met me at the parlour, dressing the sofa for my eldest son as that was where my son usually slept while I slept with his younger sister in the other room of the 2-room apartment. My sister Debo who equally slept in the parlour wasn’t back from her late night sales so Tunji met me alone in the room as he walked in. I practically jumped, as soon as he groped my b**bs from behind as I didn’t notice he was there.

Before I could tell him off and remind him that the kids were still awake even though it was just past 7pm, he had already raised my wrapper to my hip and was doing his best to get his rather small d*ck to fit into my mildly moist pu**y! Lucky he got, and in seconds, he was already pounding me! From faint resistance, I quickly transited into pleasurable ecstasy! I grabbed one of his hard sweaty buttocks and began to push him into me, encouraging him to f*ck me faster! This he did but unfortunately began shooting his watery sperm into me just about then! In a shudder, his heavily soaked d*ck slid out of me. He was all glee as he began to rearrange his cloth in readiness to leave – he was evidently satisfied. I sighed, and dropped my ruffled wrapper; unhappy at how soon the pleasure was cut short. Without saying any further words, Oga Tunji was out of the room, closing the door behind him.

This had been the case since my husband Festus died. In fact, Tunji began making very obvious advances at me right from the day myself and my husband moved into the two-room apartment. It took a lot of standing-off from me to keep him at arm’s-length, most especially considering that I had a very healthy s*x-life with Festus. We almost always had s*x everyday and usually had all manner of twists to it – from oral to very intense anal s*x! Even on the night before he fell sick which eventually led to his death, he f*cked me in the ass for nearly an hour and ended by c*mming in my mouth! I always playfully told him that he was responsible for my gaped asshole which was now so wide that it could accept virtually any d*ck size! He would laugh at the joke and sometimes respond by inserting a finger into the puckered anus.

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