#TrendopeStories: The Story of Esther – Part 2 [Must Read]

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I practically almost stayed up the whole night and when I did sleep at all, it was likely towards the final 20 or so minutes to the breaking of day! The night looked so unreal as I kept trying to understand how the last few hours even got to happen in the first instance! Meanwhile, Esther went straight to her bedroom as soon as she left the bathroom, and I assumed she slept off immediately too. As for me, I didn’t even bother completing the bath, instead went for the towel with which I cleaned myself dry. Until I got into my bedroom, it kept looking as though I was floating. And even after getting into bed, I still found it difficult to believe I was still in the real world! After all, if I was ever told that the girl I had just brought into my household was in fact of a queer s*xual disposition, I was likely never going to believe it. But everything was currently pointing to that at this moment. The indifference in matters that concern boys; her rather skewed interest in me instead; and all other things, were supposed to give me the clue, but I just couldn’t see them like they were.
Now I was faced with a very difficult decision to make. What do I do with her? Shouldn’t I be sending her packing the next day? Should I call Fredrick to tell him? Should I send a messenger to mum and explain that the girl she had sent to me was indeed queer?!! These were countless questions I just struggled to answer, and I was still trying to do so, when I eventually dozed off to sleep! But untypical of her, Esther was the one who woke me up at exactly sharp 6am the next morning, and she was carrying Kennedy who was probably the reason why she woke before me! My eyes fluttered as I struggled to break away from my dizziness, and as soon as I saw her face, I was reminded why she was the best housegirl I’ve ever had! And would likely ever do. Her dutifulness was unmatched! And while I found it really surprising that she could even have the guts to face me again that very morning after what transpired between us the previous night, I still managed a grin as I collected my baby from her.

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