#TrendopeStories: The Story of Esther – Final Part [Must Read]

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The clock on the wall said 10:24pm as I bent over to pick up my crying baby. I didn’t even know I had spent nearly 10 hours already since I had my lunch! My body felt predictably tacky and sticky; and I knew I just had to bathe before I could sleep that night. I took Kennedy on my thighs as I tried stopping him from crying. He obviously needed solid food now so I began setting out to make him cereal. I knew I was supposed to instruct Esther to do this, but I just wasn’t going to dare that now. In fact, I was already hoping we wouldn’t see again until at least the next morning! She was still inside; probably in her bedroom. So it was looking like an opportunity for me to make the meal for my baby very quickly. If I could also get him to sleep again after eating, then I would be having some time to have a thoroughly needed bath! That is, provided Esther didn’t surface again and begin saying she wished to bathe as well! She’s been very much a revelation these past two days! I can certainly say now that I have obviously had no idea who’s been staying under my roof with me, albeit also totally underestimating her s*xual tendencies as well! Who would have thought, that after all my seeming reservations for what she had done the previous night, I would eventually still get this turned on by her again?! I mean, she even got the opportunity to finger my vagina too!! That was certainly very fast!

And trust me, I still felt h*rny even as I made what was certainly dinner for Kennedy. My mind barely focused on the cereal food I was making for him, and even ended up using a bit of extra water than required out of a lack of concentration! My body reeked of raw milk, and the smell only got me even hornier considering it kept reminding me of Esther’s hands and lips which had just turned on real flames in me! I had to wonder how I would ever get to bre*stfeed my baby without getting real soaked this time around! It will always be odd to think that bre*stfeeding your son constantly reminds you of some very close lesbian encounter! And what did quite boggle me mostly was the fact that I couldn’t even exactly place a finger on the real reason behind the attraction I was certainly having for the whole thing! I still was sure I wasn’t exactly in any way going to be attracted to girls still. I was also sure I wasn’t doing this for s*x starvation. Or was it Esther? A girl who I couldn’t deny liking very much after her stay began turning out to be one of the best things that happened to the family lately! Of course, there was never any s*xual attraction between us. In fact, I never exactly saw her at any point as a s*x object of any kind. She was just a very nice and loyal girl who was only unfortunate to be a housegirl. So, this entire lesbian experience so far, was still something I couldn’t exactly find an origin to.

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