#TrendopeStories: Severance Package [Must Read]

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I only just missed the SUV to my left by just a whisker as I eventually succeeded in controlling my speeding car! this was the second time it was happening and I wasn’t sure it wouldn’t happen again. I was only just grateful nothing nasty had come out of it, even though my heels still pressed down the throttle in blind furry! I was unbelievably sad! Angry! Livid! Enraged! Furious! Purple…name it! I was just upset in a reckless and in an ‘I don’t f*cking care’ sort of way! The wheels under my hands could testify to it even, given how very hard and tightly I held onto them! My body shook in rage as my head burnt like it had hot coal dumped on my newly made braids! I just wished I had gotten to the office already – or as it stands now my ex-office – and I only hit the throttle even harder each time I remembered I still had some distance to drive!


Despite all the seething, I still knew within me that my mission wasn’t exactly conditioned to be successful! It has always looked like I wasn’t going at the right time. Like I wasn’t even heading to the right person! I quietly feared it would be a futile one but still insisted on going! Of course I just had to go, after all the embarrassment and disgrace! I needed to get back at them in some way! I needed an opportunity such as this to show them how enraged and sick I was for their obnoxious decisions! Someone just had to put it to their faces; something no one at the office has ever dared to do. Hypocrites! Always acting like they loved how everything with the office works, while also going behind to seethe and complain! Dogs! Dogs with balls the size of orange seeds! It’s just a shame they would have to rely on a woman like me to stand up and shove the authority their collective egos up their collective assholes! But then, I wasn’t even ever going to wait on their support before choosing to do it. After all, I was pissed! Pissed with everyone!

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