#TrendopeStories: My Mother and Mrs Muji (Must Read)

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I was still a 15 year old virgin when I saw Mrs. Muji for the first time in the sitting room of our house. And even then, sex was furthest from my mind. Sure, I loved ogling girls as much as the next horny teenager but girls still left me tongue tied and painfully shy.

While my friends boasted about their sexual conquests (although I’m now sure much of their stories were greatly exaggerated and probably outright lies), I would be filled with envy and wonder when my time would come when I would cross over that line to sexual freedom.

My closest experience with a girl had been when I was seven. Our housemaid who was probably sixteen or so had shown me her breasts when my parents were out and told me to touch them. I still cringe with embarrassment when I remember that my response was to ask “Which one?”

That ended my seduction before it began. I later learnt that she had been more successful with my Dad in getting him to touch her boobs. However, that success was short lived when Mom returned unexpectedly and caught my Dad with his hands on the Housemaid’s naked boobs. My Dad’s explanation that he was checking the sixteen year old’s breasts for cancer lumps as advised by the Ministry of Health Breast Cancer Awareness Programme did not impress my Mom and she left, taking me along with her.

My Dad couldn’t care less that his only son was leaving him. Afterall, it gave him the freedom to check more teenage breasts for cancer. I swear I’ll cross paths with Dad again one day.

Anyway, me and my Mom lived together. My Mom was a senior marketing executive in one of the largest beverage companies in Nigeria so money was not an issue. She built a small duplex and it was just me and her and another housemaid. The housemaid was in her 6Os with breasts that looked like a pair of worn slippers who came only on weekends. Clearly, my Mom was not taking chances anymore.

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