#TrendopeStories: Bunmi, my best friend with benefit

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Bunmi groaned as she clutched my head as I sucked her pussy. My tongue drove her crazy as I plunged it way up into her pussy, sucking her as I swirled my tongue around in her hole, loudly gulping her juices which were running from her pussy in response to my wild tongue.

She arched her back as I moved up to her clit, sucking it into my mouth as I stroke it with the tip of my tongue, causing her to scream out loud.

“Oh, I love it, I love it,” she cried.
“Don’t stop now. Keep on sucking. That’s it, suck me, suck me, SUCK ME!!!” she screamed, as her orgasm ripped through her body, pouring her juices into my eager mouth as I sucked her pussy, slurping up her juices as fast as they poured forth from her hole.
As I sucked the last of her juices from her pussy, chasing up her hole in search of more, Bunmi collapsed to the ground in front of him, her thighs spread open, her pussy glistening and swollen from the expert sucking it had just received. I sat back and grinned at her, my face shining with her juices.
Leaning back on my elbows, I watched Bunmi as she regained some of her composure.
A week of sucking her had taught me how to bring her to an orgasm so overpowering that I was used to seeing her take a couple of minutes to get a grip on herself.
As she felt herself returning to reality, she reached forward and grabbed my dick, which was standing straight up in the air, all eight inches of it, its black head spreading almost two inches across as it seemed it might burst. Leaning over, she drew my dick into her mouth, softly sucking it all the way in, straining to stretch her mouth all the way around it as it slid down her tongue into the back of her throat.
Letting it slide back out to her lips, she probed her tongue into the slit at the end of my dick, pushing it in as far as she could, causing me to wriggle on the floor. Then she let my dick slide back into her throat, this time relaxing her throat and letting the entire length of my huge dick slide all the way into her throat until her nose was pressed up into my pubic hair.
She let my dick throb in her throat for a second before letting it slide back out to her lips, where she sucked mightily on it, working the length of my dick with her hands as she sucked on me. Then she began to bob up and down on my dick, each time letting it slide into her throat all the way, massaging it with her throat muscles and sucking on it with her mouth and tongue as it slid back out each time.
My head was now lolling back, my eyes closed as Bunmi went to work on my dick.
No one had ever sucked my dick like her. No one had ever been able to deep throat me, not even close. Now she worked with a passion on my dick, pumping me like crazy as she sucked on me. Loudly sucking, Bunmi began to massage my balls with one hand while continuing to pump my dick with the other.
She felt my balls rolling around in her hand as she gently massaged them. She could feel my dick tense as my balls spasmed, getting ready to shoot my load of cum out of my dick. As she felt my balls really start to shake, Bunmi gave my balls one last squeeze, sucking my dick hard, and slid a finger into my ass as I started cumming.
I gave a loud groan as I felt her finger slide up into my ass as my balls began pumping their load into her eagerly sucking mouth.
She noisily sucked my cum, swallowing it as fast as I pumped my load into her mouth, filling it. Sucking the last of my cum from my dick, Bunmi sucked it all the way down into her throat once more, slowly letting it slide back out, then sat up and smiled at him, her lips puffy and slightly swollen from her labors.
“Well, that’s the best way I can think of to dedicate and launch into a new apartment,” She said.
“Now we’ve set an example that has to be lived up to. We hereby dedicate this apartment to the fulfillment of sexual desire,” she laughed.
“Sure, we’ve figured out how to get started,” I agreed.
“It sure was a good thing that my parents had to pay for this apartment,” She said.
“If not, we would be living in the hostel with all the other first year students.”
“That would definitely be a hindrance,” I agreed.
“I wonder what they would say if they knew their baby daughter can deepthroat,” She pondered.
“Well,” I said.
“You are above 18 years of age. Moreover, what could they say? Not that one would die a virgin anyways.”
“You know what,” She said. “Having sex with you has made my life a lot easier. It saves so much stress.”
“Yeah, it does make things easier,” I agreed.
Bunmi said. “Meanwhile, fuck me with your big dick and it’s easy for me to get horny when you are around.”
I laughed as I lay back, letting her mount me, easily impaling herself on my dick. As she began to ride up and down on my dick, I reached up and began to play with her breasts, rubbing and massaging them, then squeezing her nipples and pulling on them, watching them grow hard and stick out from her breasts.
Bunmi had great breasts. They were full, with big nipples that stuck out almost a half an inch when they got hard. Reaching down between her legs, Bunmi let her fingers slide along my dick as it slid up and down into her pussy, filling her with its hugeness each time she bounced down on it.
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